Camps Noises- All Good!

Dear Parents and Friends,

A little rain shower this evening cooled things down just as campfire was ending. We have a few campout groups out tonight but they will be fine in our camp shelters. Close to half the camp was out last night and the other half is out tonight. As I write clouds are parting and last bit of sunlight is trying to chase away the rain clouds. We flip flop those days with evening program of Mountain Dancing and Tajar Tales. Other than the shower tonight we had another wonderful day here at camp.

Sunset chasing rain

Sunset chasing rain

All activities were running wide open with campers continuing in their Discoveries and lots to choose from in the afternoon. Web of Life was having some fun up in the Cabin in the Sky before they took off on their hunt for the elusive GV critters. One of the best places to find salamanders and crawfish is under the Lodge. There was a group under there earlier today. It’s dark and the perfect place to undercover the giant grand daddy crawdad. Children were also creek hiking in Carson Creek today and enjoyed the cool water stepping cautiously from rock to rock as the sunlight and shade provided a backdrop overhead. The creek that runs the length of camp is one of our treasures that has endless possibilities for exploration. All of camp feeds into it from the tiniest springs to the bigger creeks and come from all directions on the property. Hiking up the creek through the many waterfalls makes you feel as though you could be in deepest depths of Pisgah but you’re just a few minutes from Main Camp.

The natural noises that campers encounter here are priceless. We’re all so use to the cacophony of our city lives of radios/TV/ipods/screen noises that it takes a while to truly hear the sounds of camp. The water, the birds early in morning, the wind whipping through the trees as it did tonight before our shower, a sharp shinned hawk that has been nesting here for the past 5 years, bullfrogs, crickets and the mid summer arrival of cicadas. Soon the lightening bugs will brighten our evening dusk and this friends, is the tip of the iceberg. We’re all so lucky to call GV our home and have this kind of music to our ears day in and day out at camp.

It’s about that time here at camp so we’ll see what tomorrow holds at GV. Stayed tuned!