Camping Out on a Perfect Night

Dear Parents & Friends,

Just a regular old beautiful day here at camp with no threat of rain and we have 11 cabins camping out tonight.  It should be a starry, starry night.  Our camp-out shelters are just that; three sided shelters with a wooden floor that’s up off the ground.  Each shelter has a fire ring and some are located next to streams and have running water, well sort of.  There are also two tent shelters over on the Hunt Farm where one of our Mountain Biking Trails is located.  We grow a good bit of our hay and cattle feed on that side of the road and it’s also the Tubing takeout on the French Broad River.  Today I was at the lake and 7th Heaven cabin was coming back from tubing on the river.  It’s a long hot walk after spending several hours floating lazily on the mighty FB.  Cindy who runs waterfront called out to the boys just as they entered the area around the Lake and told them to swim their tubes back to the lakefront and cool off again just before lunch.  It was a good idea and the boys looked like they had been dipped in a refreshing bowl of ice tea.  You could hear the ahhhs and ooohs coming as they waded in the cool lake from their long walk.

Now if you’re perusing the photos and I know you are, you may be wondering what the colored balls of cotton like material are.  This is for a project called Felting which is where the campers make these wonderful felt bags that can act as pouches or a small purse.  Tamara, who works in A&C’s shows the children how to make these and has been doing it for several years.  It’s a very cool item and looks like something you would find at an artisans fair.  Some campers were making button flowers today and I’ve only seen this a couple of times.  Marisa was running that activity today and they were turning out very well.

Arborist Climbing from the Birds Eye View

Speaking of crafts but moving to the Mill, Cindy was running an activity making corn husk dolls or 1890’s Barbie dolls.  For you history buffs, that’s when the Mill was built.  Some of you may have heard this before but several years ago one of our camp doctors was stirring up the dirt around the fire ring at the Mill and found an 1890Indian Head Penny, the very same year the Mill started operating.  The history of our land and all the stories that could be told from that era would be so interesting.  There were quite a few community mills then and Transylvania County sure had their share given all of our streams and running water.  Our extension of the Mill is of course the Farm and vice versa.  Baby chicks were hatching down at the farm today and coming out of the incubator.  We keep two incubators going all summer long and we’re pretty constant with the hatching process.  It’s rare if chicks don’t hatch every few days.  It’s a neat process if you haven’t seen it before.  They are moved to the chick box which has warming lights all the food and drink they need and then on to a different area when they are a little older.  It’s kind of like when they get to be a teenager you graduate to a different surrounding.  Old Bessie was milked at the Farm today and it’s harder than it looks, just ask your children.  And how about those piglets!  At what point do they stop being cute.

Speaking of teenagers, our SIT’s are the best this session.  They are a dedicated group of folks that I hope will all want to be staff in a few years.  Some will be eligible to become Interns next summer and others will have another year as an SIT.  They work very hard and spend a lot of time in the Kitchen and at Horses.  You’ll see some of them leading horses in the photos from today.  This is the future of GV and hats off to them this session.

Mountainside took a day off from Mini-Adventures to have sign-ups today.  They did a variety of things from Ultimate Frisbee and soccer, to making paracord bracelets.  I tried to help out while up there this morning and really couldn’t get it in the short time I was there.  The bracelets were pretty cool and not easy to make.  Riverside is still out climbing and will return on Friday.  We’re looking forward to having them back.  Climbing photos in Main Camp today got off the ground literally and you’ll see some nice photos of the Arborist Climbing group from this morning.  Fred got up in one of the trees to shoot down on the campers, thus the unusual perspective.  Steve is our photographer for the rest of the summer and has done a great job capturing your children at GV.  Technology is wonderful when it works and we hope you’re enjoying yet another way to enjoy camp vicariously through the photos.  Stay tuned!