Campers: Looking Forward to Your Arrival!

Our first day of camp is just a few days away and boy are we getting excited to welcome you to Gwynn Valley for another terrific summer (our 82nd year).  If you are a new camper family we are excited to have you join our camp family.  If you are a returning camper family welcome back and you will be amazed by the changes on site that await your arrival.  Our new Dining Room and surrounding facilities are amazing and we’ve been breaking them in for you and your new camp friends.   


We’ve been preparing for this day all year long and most extensively over the past three weeks in training our staff.  Our Leadership Team arrived first to plan and nail down the foundations for creating the best possible summer.  Next our Adventure staff came on the scene to begin to work together in all of our outdoor pursuits.  Life Guard training, Wilderness First Aid, CPR, Basic First Aid, and Transportation training were taught over the last few days.  Following that was All Staff training which started on Friday June 2nd.  It’s been a flurry of activity and sessions on many topics from Developing Super Staff to Outdoor Cooking and Risk Management.  By the time you arrive we will be a well oiled machine waiting to guide you through the best summer ever.   

Molly and Daniel – Our Brookside and Hillside Head Counselors

When your family arrives on Saturday for A Session, you’ll be greeted by directors and head counselors and then stop by the Health Care Center just to answer a couple of questions.  Please bring those med forms unless you’ve already mailed those in.  From there our SIT’s will show you to your cabin to meet your counselors.  Your family will be with you the whole time and will see where you will be living as well as meet other children and their families who are arriving for A Session.  You’ll be making new friends right from the start.  Our super Team Maintenance crew will whisk away your luggage so you and your family can focus on your arrival and your upcoming camp experience with us. 

We are jumping for joy for your arrival!

Our first day is a lot of fun as we begin our time together.  Lots of activities will unfold on that first Saturday afternoon and you’ll jump right into choosing some of the great programs available to you while at camp, as well as attending some programs that first day.  Your family will be able to view pictures and updates that evening and everyday while you’re at camp.  A camp experience is almost indescribable, so we help with that and keep our camera lens trained on activities and the total camp experience.   We look forward to seeing you and please call us if you have any questions.  Stay tuned!

Great backdrop for Wizards and Giants

PS  Included in this blog are just a few of our staff having as much fun as you will this summer.