Camp Starts on Friday June 12th!

Our first day of camp is two days away.  If you are a new camper family we welcome you. If you are a returning camper family welcome back and hope you enjoy the pictures and day to day updates from Gwynn Valley.  To log on and look at photos just click log in on the homepage and follow the instructions.

Our summer officially starts on Friday when our first campers arrive.  We’ve been preparing for this day all year long and most intensively over the past couple of weeks in our many days of staff training.  All staff training began last week but not before a flurry of activity and days with our adventure staff, Lifeguards, Wilderness/First Aid/CPR and driving sessions.  We’ve had a great week with our staff and they finally have some time off this evening before campers arrive on the 12th.

Our 2009 Staff just before finishing up a week of training!

Our 2009 Staff just before finishing up a week of training!

When your family arrives you’ll be greeted by directors and head counselors and then taken to the Health Care Center to meet our nurses and doctor.  From there our SIT’s will show you to your cabin to meet your counselors.  Your family will be with you the whole time and will see where you will be living as well as meet other children and their families who are arriving at the same time.  Hopefully by the time you arrive in your cabin, your luggage will be there waiting for you. Our super team maintenance crew will whisk away your luggage so you and family can focus on your arrival and upcoming camp experience with us.

Our first day is a lot of fun as we begin our time together.  Lots of activities will unfold on that first Friday afternoon and you’ll jump right into program and all the wonderful aspects of Gwynn Valley.  Your family will be able to view pictures and updates that evening back home to help them adjust to not having you at home.

It should be a nice day for arrival on Friday.  We look forward to seeing you and please call us if you have any questions.  Stay tuned!