C Session, World Cup, and Ice Cream ( All Good Things )!

Dear Parents and Friends,

Our wonderful C-1 campers have departed and we are down to those terrific C Session children.  It’s a special day for them because our numbers are reduced and there are fewer folks here.  Afternoon programs went very well with everyone involved with sign-ups and choosing their favorites for the afternoon.  The day dawned clear this morning and the temps rose to the perfect level for all water activities and really anything else that was happening in activities.

Our Mountainside crew had their first training day which meant that the 5 skills groups went toward working in the area of their chosen adventure.  Paddlers spent time on the lake and then headed to section 0 of the French Broad.  Climbers went to Looking Glass to scale the granite walls of friction and eyebrows there.  Hikers/backpackers made the long but well worth journey to the top of the parkway peaking out at just over 6000 feet to Black Balsam.  It’s one of my favorite places in our area and once you’re on top the views all around are spectacular.  Bikers stayed on the property to refine their two-wheel skills and to prepare for Dupont where their adventure will take place.  Earth Skills also stayed on property at Fox Den, their home away from home, where refining the finer points of making fire to making rope will help them achieve much awareness of the natural world around them.

Mountainside is a great group and Anne and I had dinner tonight with some of the campers from  Sommerset, Laurel Wood, and Sunrise.  What a delightful group of girls and my prediction is that a good many of them will be on staff one day.  It’s really fun to see them grow up, stretch themselves and develop such good character as they have (thanks to your work at home parents!)  I’d like to think we add the sprinkles to that recipe that makes it fun and partner with you.

Riverside is still out there paddling today and will be out one more day before they make the trek home.  They too are being stretched by the water dynamic and what a great metaphor for life.  We all go through rapids, find safe and secure places in eddies, and hit those calm stretches that usually give way to more rapids and riffles.  Living life is certainly not all calm water and it has its different class rapids.  There’s much to be learned when we ply the rivers around here.  As a quote, I once heard, “Go to where you feel the most alive; I say the river”.

Tonight we’re watching a movie and some are watching the soccer game that was played today between France and Belgium.  After dinner, we had lots of ice-cream and then started the game and movie.  This has been a tradition for us for a while and it’s special this year to have the World Cup at the same time.

Tomorrow new campers arrive and we welcome them to our wonderful little community.  It was a great day at camp for so many reasons!  Stay tuned!