C-2 Opening and C Rolls On!

Dear Parents & Friends,

For those of you that dropped off your children today, I hope that you’re safe and sound and at your destination.  Thanks for a wonderful opening day for the campers who are attending C-2.  Even though it was a hot day, activities got off to a roaring start.  Those campers who are here for three weeks had signups this morning while the new campers were arriving.  With half the camp, it was just a small intimate group to sign up this morning.  As new campers arrived we were priming the pump for another great session.  Right after lunch everyone signed up for Discovery activities.  These are activities that take place over several days.  They have many choices and ultimately get 4 activities that happen for 1 hour each every other day.  As always the afternoons are for signup as well when many different one time activities are offered.  Both times of the day are lots of fun.  The morning focuses mostly on skills and the afternoon, some skills and the experience of trying something new just for a short period of time.  Following are the Discovery activities offered:

Farm/ Mill, Archery, Canoeing, Stationary, Horseback Riding, Climbing (three kinds), Stage Combat, Batik, Fine Arts Musical, Weaving, Martial Arts, GV Rescue, Web of Life, Gourds, Mountain Biking, Pottery, Outdoor Living Skills, Jackson Kayaks and Jewelry.  Lots of choices and lots of things to do.

Andy and Josh are working on placing children based on their choices.  They will know their schedules by tomorrow morning.  Many of the above and more will be offered in the afternoon and we’ll keep you posted.

The waterfront was a great place to be this afternoon where children tried their hand at sit-on-top kayaking, zip lining, and sliding on the water mat.  Riding was open and it was nice to hit the trail on one of our camp steeds.  The crew that went down to the farm this morning brought us lots of corn that was shucked at lunch, which in turn was served at dinner.  Delicious!  Great meals today starting at breakfast and going right through dinner.  We had baked chicken, couscous, fresh peaches, caesar salad, rolls, and fresh corn on the cob.  Some folks caught the Golden Chicken at the Farm today.  Farmer Dale says it’s good luck!  Catching fish at the mill was going well today.  Serena from my table, told me she caught 9 fish today.  That could be a fish tale and I’ll find out tomorrow from Cindy who runs the Mill.

There was a great creek hike again today.  Our Carson Creek is a spectacular part of the property.  You get the feeling that you could be out in the middle of Pisgah when only just minutes from the center of camp.  It’s a neat hike whether you go via the trail or hike in the creek itself.  I was out this afternoon with the Mountainside Paddlers.  They tackled their first whitewater today on the upper French Broad.  We paddled where the West, North and East Fork intersect one another in less than a mile.  All three come together to form the FB just near Rosman, NC.  The Mountainsider’s did a superb job.  Only one boat went over and it was definitely a tough little rapid that caused it.  You had just enough space to squeeze between the bank and two rocks and the water was really pushing you into the second rock.  As I told the campers, you have to paddle faster than the water.  You determine your fate; don’t let the water dictate its course.  We had a great time learning to hit eddies, ferrying, peeling out and trying to surf the unsurfable wave.  Everyone made a valiant effort and we swam to cool off about half way down.  Paddling tandem is not easy.  We’re teaching canoeing to some of our main camp campers this session and may take a trip with them next week.  All kinds of good things are on tap at camp so stay tuned!