C-2 Opening and C Continues!

Dear Parents and Friends,

Thanks for such a smooth opening day for C-2 Session.  The weather was perfect and everyone at this hour is visiting with the sandman.  Serenade was a couple of hours ago and that’s a time when our staff go around to each cabin to let them know it’s time for lights out by singing.  The songs are lullaby in nature and meant to ease the sprite soul into sleep.  No blaring voices or counselors yelling to be quiet.  It’s been a tradition at GV since its beginning in 1935.  Traditions are good and ceremony is especially good for children.  We live in such a fast paced society that it’s good to slow down and get back to the simple joys as we call them here at camp.

The bikers in Main Camp today had a great session both hours.  They toured camp and then went across the road to the Hunt Farm for a more challenging experience.  Climbers were all over the trees today as new campers arrived.  I had several people comment that it was pretty exciting to arrive and see a camper 50 feet in the air in a tree.  We didn’t plan that, it just happened, but it is good timing.  The tree folks moved to the Arborist tree this afternoon learning quickly that it’s harder than it looks and takes a good deal of arm strength and determination.

I walked around to most activities today including swim assessments for the new arrivals.  Notice we don’t call them swim tests.  That sounds too much like school and this is summer vacation for kids.  It was a hot day so any waterfront activity was a bonus.  Both morning and afternoon activities went off without a hitch and as the day ended the activities wound down to refuel with dinner (burritos with all the trimmings).  After dinner we held after supper activities.  I lead a group of 12 campers on a creek  hike to look for salamanders and crawfish.  It was a little dark under the trees as we searched for critters.  We found quite a few in a short time and got so caught up in it that the bell for campfire rang before we knew it.  We all agreed to come back when the sun was higher and we could spot creek creatures better.

Intro skits were tonight and the new arrivals got to have their 5 minutes of fame on the GV stage.  You’ll notice some pics from those skits and hopefully you saw your child in those.  Riverside returns tomorrow and Mountainside continues their training days.  I’ll be with the MS paddlers tomorrow on the river.  Stay tuned for more!