C-1 Closes, C Continues

Dear Parents & Friends,

Thanks so much for such a smooth closing today and hope everyone is safe at home or well on their way to another adventure.  We enjoyed having your children over the last 10 days and will look forward to having them back next year.  Look for a survey to come your way in the weeks ahead via email.  We also want to let you know that we’re hosting our 75th reunion weekend on Aug. 20th just after the summer.  On Friday of that weekend  there will be a 25, 50 and 75 mile bike ride to promote the Gwynn Valley Campership program.  We’d love to have you join us and for more details please go to our web site and click on Alumni.

For those that are staying over in C, they just finished a big bowl of ice cream and settled down in the Lodge to  watch “Night at the Museum 2”.  This is always a fun night at camp because it’s the only time we show a movie.  Everyone is curled up with their sleeping bag and pillow complete with jammies on, ready to head to bed after the flick.  Today was a busy day for the Main Camp Kayakers.  They headed to section 00.1 of the French Broad for their first taste of whitewater.  It’s the perfect day for beginners and the river level was just right.  We took some video and hope to have that up tomorrow or the next day.  Everyone did a super job and we had fun swimming as well as boating.  At one point the Davidson River runs into the French Broad and it’s a good place to swim.  The water is clear and cold coming out of the Forest.  The campers were very enthusiastic and really went for it.  Those who went on the trip were: Scott RN, Allie CC, Brian SR, Noah SR, Gaby BR, & Max AL.  We only had a couple of flips but it felt good and it was a hot day.  I hope to get a few pics up from the trip as well.

Elsewhere on the camp scene, Lacrosse was a favorite on the A-field.  We’re playing non contact and just working on passing skills so it’s a different game without the pads.  More running and maneuvering to avoid the players around you.  It seems more and more campers are playing the game and that’s why we bought sticks this year.  What girl doesn’t like horses?  Our GV horses are gentle and just got shoed today.  That happens twice a summer and I think some of the campers got to watch that take place.  And… did you see the leaf print scarves that were being made in Arts & Crafts.  Talent looms in our cove.

Tomorrow we will welcome another group of campers to our community.  We are looking forward to having them and hope that C-2 is a great session equal to C-1.  Stay tuned!