Building Resilience and Confidence


We were watching the weather today here at camp and were fortunate to have a clear morning with no rain until rest hour. Morning programs went on as planned including a hike to The Rock which is always a “high” light.  The view was good today as the campers looked out over camp, the valley, and off to the Blueridge mountains in the distance. The hike is uphill all the way and the last bit utilizes ropes to hold onto and for pulling oneself up some steep roots and rocks.  It’s well worth the climb, especially on a clear day. A storm blew in at rest hour but fortunately, the rain softened by afternoon program time so we all gathered when the bell rang for snack and then went off to play and learn. We didn’t let a little rain stop us from carrying on here at GV this afternoon.  It rained, drizzled and spat off and on, on us this afternoon and evening but we still had lots of outdoor time.

You might say that it was a good day to curl up and read a book but not here at GV.  That would not fit our philosophy that Mary Gwynn created many years ago, which was “do something difficult every day”.  That something might be different for everyone.  It might be trying something you have never done before or returning to an activity to see if you can climb a little higher, learn to post at the trot, work on your tandem canoeing skills while learning about communication and cooperation, or pushing through some homesickness. Camp is a place where you can really stretch your legs and horizons.  It’s ok to struggle a bit here in our camp world.  You get lots of chances to recreate whatever it was you were doing.  Sometimes that involves recreating yourself and learning about yourself more fully and honestly.  There’s a big support system here and it’s in place to help campers step up to the next level.  Camp is a great place to build resilience and confidence.  You don’t have to make it to the top of the wall but we encourage you to go higher and try harder than you did the time before and to support and encourage your friends when they are climbing.  Encouragement from peers and our staff enables campers to do some great things on their own.  Outcomes are important and we want those outcomes to be building blocks for the future.

Tonight the Young Leaders were gathered on the Pavilion for a cookout and s’mores.  These are our oldest campers and they spend time participating in different activities to learn and develop leadership skills. They have lots of fun together as they go to Sliding Rock, on hikes, rafting, and bonding as a small community. They also set all of our tables which is a big job and greatly appreciated.

Mountainside was in camp today participating in sign-ups. After dinner, the campers learned which adventure they would be on and there was a lot of excitement in the air. They will have two training days on Wednesday and Friday before they leave for their adventures on Monday morning.

Riverside left this morning for their four days of whitewater paddling and camping out. They paddled the Green River today and the report is that all of the campers did really well. They are headed to the Tuckasegee River tomorrow for more fun and whitewater.

It was another fun filled day at GV for all of our programs. We hope we wake up to clear skies again tomorrow and cool mountain air as we make our way to breakfast. The temperatures are supposed to be hotter this week so I’m sure water activities are going to be a popular signup tomorrow!