B Session Opening Day 2019 – A Fun Filled Day!


Dear Families and Friends,

Today was a wonderful day at camp! With the opening of B, the sending off of Riverside on their second adventure, and the final day of MS1A, there was so much to do! We saw many familiar faces as well as some new ones as we greeted our Main Campers this morning. The love that everyone was feeling for camp was palpable in the air. You couldn’t help but smile as former bunkmates were reunited for another summer, and new campers were warmly greeted by cabinmates who would soon find themselves as best friends.

As camp greeted many campers for B session, Riverside headed out for their second adventure of three, to go paddling off camp for four days.
Every Main Camp cabin had a chance to cool off in the pool for their swim assessments, as well as enjoy more cabin bonding at activities such as horseback riding, milling, and playing improv games in fine arts (to name a few)! Throughout the session, campers will be able to sign up for more of these activities during the afternoons as well as get a more in-depth exploration of four activities for their morning discoveries.

As we welcome our B session campers, we are sadly preparing to say goodbye to our MS1A campers who have spent the last 10 days with us. They enjoyed a morning of signups with activities such as capture the flag, watermat, and friendship bracelets! In the afternoon they packed and enjoyed some lake time, and finished off their day with a friendship campfire.

Over the past 10 days, friendships have been formed and memories have been made, as we enter into this new session, we are looking forward to more of the moments that make camp so special!