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Somewhere South

At Gwynn Valley we LOVE celebrating local agriculture and honoring food cultures both locally and from our international staff around the world! For this reason, the Bullard family has loved watching Vivian Howard’s new show “Somewhere South” on PBS. Watching this series, we learned so much about other people and their food traditions across the […]

Green Sign Design Contest with Green Camps

Green Camps is hosting a contest where participants can design signs “that will inspire green behavior change”. As you know, sustainable living is very important to us at Gwynn Valley! How do we do this? Many of our campers, families, and staff are aware of our Farm to Table program which supplies 60% of the […]

White Rabbit

White Rabbit to our extended Gwynn Valley family! For those of you who don’t know, it is a tradition at camp to say “white rabbit” to others on the first of the month. This tradition is meant to bring good luck and seeing who can say it first each month is always a great source […]

Singing in the Lodge 3

Thank you for everyone who called and videoed in to our third virtual Singing in the Lodge! It was so exciting seeing campers, staff, and alumni, especially those who wore costumes. Here is a link where you can find our video and sing along at home to some new songs and some classics: https://vimeo.com/414040878. We […]

Farm Friday and Baby Calves

Happy Friday everyone! Our maintenance team has been hard at work mowing grass, taking care of cabin repairs, building benches for our dining room, and much much more around camp. Last week they got another task added onto their long list of things to do to get ready for the summer. Can anyone guess what […]


Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day from GV! Today marks the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day, celebrated April 22, 1970. Spending time immersed in the natural world is part of what makes Gwynn Valley so special; we hope that everyone can find a moment to appreciate the natural world today! Stargazing is a quintessential summer camp […]

Singing in the Lodge 2

Happy Monday everyone! We hope you all had a relaxing weekend. For those of you who weren’t able to make the virtual Singing in the Lodge 2 last Thursday and those who were able to make it, here is the link where you can listen and sing along at home: https://zoom.us/…/uOVfErfN_H9OUpHM8k7ndrQ4MIDZT6a8gyMXq6Zfy… A huge thank you to […]

Hummingbird Feeders

It’s been a beautiful day here at Gwynn Valley, and we can’t wait to see some hummingbirds use the feeders Grant has just refilled. Watch our video to learn how to set up your own and follow the link for the recipe for the syrup and some fun hummingbird facts. https://drive.google.com/open…


Tajar Folly/April Fool’s

Those of us who live at Gwynn Valley all year awoke to quite the silly sight at camp this morning. We found kayaks on pathways, a year-round staff member on the lake, and paddles left at the top of the Green spelling out a close approximation of the word: “Tajar”. Our furry friend the Tajar […]


First Full Day of E

Dear Parents, Family, and Friends, Today was the first full day of E session and what a day it has been! We started the day with a delicious breakfast of bagels, scrambled eggs, cheese, fresh fruit, and cereal. With such a filling breakfast, main camp campers were ready to head back to their cabins to […]