Entries by Grant Bullard

Opening Day of E Session!

Dear Parents & Friends, A cool morning turned into a warm day as we opened E Session.  Many thanks for dropping off your children as we finish off our summer with many who are experiencing camp for the first as well as returners to GV.  We are so pleased to have your child, whether new […]

Last Awesome Day Of A Great Session!

Dear Parent and Friends, As I write, it’s almost dark and just a wisp of red is in the western sky.  Campers from several cabins got to the Gatehouse Green to see the last remnants of ole Mr. Sol.  On the other end of camp a three quarter moon has risen over the Lodge and […]

The Tajar Makes Folly On His Birthday!

Dear Parents and Friends, Today we awoke to the mischief of the Tajar.  He moved tables around, boats upside on the Green, teacups hanging from trees and somehow managed to get the SIT’s to sleep walk to the Green and sleep in the kayaks.  When we came down for breakfast they were snuggled in their […]

International Day and River Meanderings!

Dear Parents and Friends, Another splendid day at GV and time is flying.  It’s hard to believe that we are winding down D session. Today was another beautiful day here at camp with sunny skies and all activities in high gear.  I spent the entire day going out with Riverside to the Tuck.  They paddled […]

Where the Wild Things Are at GV!

Dear Parents & Friends, As I write, Mountainside is walking back from the Hunt Farm where they found out which adventure they were going on starting on Monday of next week.  Our Hunt Farm view looks right into heart of our Blue Ridge Mountains and was the perfect setting to set their minds toward the […]

A Special Day In So Many Ways!

Dear Parents & Friends, An absolutely beautiful day again here at camp as we held our Special Day for Session D.  The weather has been just as yesterday – breezy and clear.  As I write Riverside is gathering on the Gatehouse Green to see the silhouette of our mountains as the sun has already dropped.  […]

A High Pressure Overhead Brings the Best of the Best!

Dear Parents and Friends, We’ve had an unbelievable weather day here today.  I woke up early this morning to come shoot some footage of our view because it was so clear.  All day long it’s been crystal blue sky and a breeze blowing throughout.  We’re under a big high pressure that’s going to be around […]

Twilight Play – A Camper Favorite!

Dear Parents and Friends, Our day started much like the past few days with a cool morning followed by a warm but beautiful day with a breeze blowing all day long.  Thank goodness for the breeze.  It wasn’t as hot as it has been, but it was warm.  We held Twilight Play this evening, where […]

A Cooler Day and Wonderful Evening!

Dear Parents and Friends, Our day was sunny, bright and warm and with our shade, water activities and fun quotient it was a terrific day here at GV.   Tonight was Tajar Tales for Hillside  and s’mores night for those Brooksider’s.  We also had a giant picnic on the Green that everyone attended.  Our kitchen staff […]