Australia Day!

Dear Parents & Friends,

If you’ve been trying to reach us today our phones and electricity have been off.  Just before 1:00 today our main power transmission line went down and it took until right before dinner to get things rolling.  The line went down in a part of camp that is rarely visited in our upper 40 so no campers or staff were in that area.  Luckily, lunch was just about to be served and dinner tonight allowed us depend on our gas appliances in the kitchen.  The power came back on just as dinner started.  We apologize if you tried to reach us today.  We’re answering messages and checking emails to make sure that everyone gets the attention they need.

As usual when things don’t go as planned we have a plan B and everything went very smooth today.  Perhaps it was because it was Australia Day here at camp.  Those Australians have the motto, “no worries mate” and that certainly rang true today.  We started off our morning with Jacob from the Farm playing the didgeridoo.  It takes a great deal of breath control to play one of those.  I’ve tried many times but can’t quite get it.  Our Australian staff which number 8 did a super job with international day today.  We learned lots of Ozzie songs, heard some of their folk tales (acted out by campers) and saw a bit of their country through their descriptions and stories.  I think the most interesting part of the day and this evening was learning about many of native species of animals that live down under.  They have many of the most dangerous snakes and spiders in the world and seem quite proud of it.  I will be sure to watch my step should I ever visit their country.

All activities were going strong today and I stopped by the Mill and Yanderside this morning to check out the marble paper the campers were making and at the Mill they were grinding corn and sifting it to get corn meal and grits.  If you don’t like grits you have to try them with some cheddar cheese and hot sauce.  RB made some Johnny Cakes just after I left today and I could smell them being cooked over the open fire outside the Mill.  I know that a group of campers this afternoon tried the new Swing by Choice which is a part of our new Ropes Course that has been developed adjacent to the climbing wall.   One element or component of the Wall is a long pendulum swing that a camper is clipped to.  That is attached to a long rope that other campers pull on and the participant can choose to quick release the Swing at any point which puts them in a giant arch out and away from the climbing wall.  It’s quite a thrill and allows the “rider” to choose the height that want to be pulled to.  In reality one can only be pulled to a 45 degree angle before the quick release is engaged and they control that.  The choice aspect comes in to play for those that don’t want to be pulled up to the max.  There are three other elements to the course which are mainly for Mountainside and Riverside.

Speaking of Riverside, they will return tomorrow from their climbing trip and we hope to see them by dinner.  We will also have a new batch of Mountainsider’s arriving tomorrow and will kick start their session tomorrow afternoon.  It should be another great day at Gwynn Valley. Hope you enjoyed the video from the climbing wall.  Stay tuned!