ARRRRGGGHHH! Shiver Me Timbers!

Dear Parents and Friends,

Sorry for the delay on the post. We have such full days here it’s sometimes hard to squeeze it all in. I just came from an Open House with the Riverside boys and Anne is hosting the girls. They’re all having a great time even though the climbing component was pretty much washed out. I’m in process of uploading photos that Ryan took on the trip so you should be able to view those today. Open House is something we do with every cabin group every session. It provides us with a campers view of how their cabin life is going, how their counselors are doing and how they are getting along. Staff are not there when we visit and it’s set up beforehand and the campers actually choose who they want to come. It’s usually a member of our team and an activity leader. Simply, it’s a good way to gauge the campers enjoyment of camp and what kind of job the staff are doing.

Speaking of Riverside I just finished their final lake session before they leave on their paddling component tomorrow. We’ve had lots of rain so the rivers are full. For the past several years we’ve had to search for water this time of the summer. They will be going out with Robert Dye, who is a professor at Brevard College and a friend. He’s a great teacher and is actually an instructor/trainer, one who teaches instructors for the American Canoe Assoc. I’ll be out with Mountainside this week on their training days and hope to get in some good work with them. I would love to go with RS but I need to stay close to the nest.

We’ve had Pirate Day here at camp for Special Day. Every Sunday is special day at camp and there’s always a theme. There were 6 different stations and each involved Pirating – ARRRGGHHH!!!!!! There was the Mini Raft Pool, Pirate Gold Rush, Here Comes the Captain, Mutiny on the High Seas, Fountain of Youth (it’s here at GV and flows all the time) and Arm Your Vessel. For a grand finale me thinks that the counselors will have to swab the deck and walk the plank. In other words, lots of Tom Foolery. Photos should be up.

You’ll also notice that we have some pics of the baby piglets. They’re just three days old and growing already. Mama pig is cranking out the milk and when they’re not nursing they are sleeping. In the days ahead they will be become more active, their eyesight will improve and they’ll become more rambunctious. The farm crew was telling the children that the first few days mothers milk is almost yellow and it’s full of all kinds of good things (antibodies) to keep the baby’s healthy. As they grow and several days later the milk becomes more white. You learn a lot at the farm and it’s always a good place to be.

Over the next several days we’ll be taking a few trips out of camp. There’s a kayaking trip going out tomorrow and I’ll try and get some photos. We’ll be taking out some bikers as well. Mountainside chooses their adventures tonight and they’ll decide whether they want to paddle, climb, pioneer/backpack, or mountain bike. We’ll also have Vespers tonight which is always a good way to end our week and after such a full active day. Look for some photos there. Two young guys from Walnut Run did a great a capella version of Lennon’s “Imagine”. Usually boys don’t participate in those in these events and it’s usually a whole cabin that jumps in. These two guys were amazing. It was an amazing day with no rain and everyone had a blast. I’m off to staff rec where we give back to the staff for pulling yet another great week here at Gwynn Valley. Stay tuned!