Apple Ice Cream!!!?? and GAGA (but not the Lady)

Dear Parents and Friends,

A sunny morning and early afternoon turned into a rainy late afternoon but camp goes on.  Very few activities were affected with the exception of waterfront and sports.  We move those campers indoors if it’s thundering and lightening.  We played a new game in the Lodge today called GAGA (not to be confused with the singer).  It’s a game I learned about over the winter and is a form of dodge ball with some major changes.  You play in a confined area and in this case it’s a circle of chairs which act as a rebound board.  Instead of standing the chairs upright we lay them down so the walls are not very high.  You can’t throw the ball but can hit it with an open palm or closed fist.  If you hit the ball and it sails over the chairs then the hitter is out.  If you hit someone or a ball you hit rebounds off the wall and hits someone they are out.  If you hit someone above the knees then you are out.  You can start the game with any number of people in the circle which is about 20’ in diameter.  It’s much like our Knock Out game but you don’t have to be able to shoot and sink a basketball.  It’s every boy and girl for themselves.  In the rounds we played today it seemed that the girls were dominating and I heard lots of excuses from the boys.  It’s a good equalizer game and is fast paced, good for reaction time and allows lots of people to play.  Usually games don’t last more than just a few minutes.  I learned about the game at a camp conference up north where it originated.  Most northern camps play it and have a GAGA Pit.

I happened to be visiting Pottery today and they were making coil pots and this afternoon were making pinch pot animals.  I love pottery but never seem to have the time to sit down and give it a whirl.  Stu and Emily do a great job with teaching and today they were showing how to roll the clay in a ball and keep the surface as smooth as possible to avoid the dreaded cracks that can occur when you begin shaping your pinch pot animal.  Clay is just plain fun to work with and is analogous to our staff shaping and molding the campers in the ways of camp.  Living in a cabin with 7 to 9 other people is not that easy and we have to work together.  We want to avoid those cracks that sometimes keep us from forming a good circle of friends.  Cooperative living skills carry into every part of life.  That is also very evident at the table as we wait till everyone is served before we start eating.  That’s a difficult task for some children and for two reasons; they’re really hungry and they’re used to eating when they are served.  Nothing wrong with that but it’s just how we do things here.  Please and thank you are also staples at the table.  Only counselors can serve you and you must remove your eating utensils before receiving more food.  It does make for a more orderly dining room and slows the eating process down a good bit to promote conversation and interaction with all the ages that sit at the table.


Now that’s a smile!


While I was so close to Pottery today and also hopped over to the Mill for a look see.  They were serving a very new flavor of ice cream that the children had made.  It was “Apple”, yes, Apple.  At first it tasted like apple sauce and then apple yogurt but much better and richer.  It was very different but very good and I think we may have started something new.  The children really liked it and it was gone in a hurry.  My favorite from the Mill is peach and I’ve heard they are making that tomorrow.  Speaking of food we had a delicious Lasagna meal today for lunch and good ole hamburgers for dinner tonight.  I think most of you know but we do raise our own beef here at camp.  We don’t advertise it to the campers but do tell them if they ask.  It’s the circle of life here with our Farm and Mill Program.  I think my all time favorite meal at camp is when we catch enough trout in Mill Pond to have a fish fry for lunch.  Everything in the meal comes from camp and it’s delicious.

The rain today prevented us from getting more photos and hopefully the weather will cooperate tomorrow.  It was nice to cool things down a bit and we did needed some rain as the last few days were dry and hot.  Tomorrow will be warm and steamy but camp goes on.  We only get wet skin deep.  Speaking of which, I think I’ll head back to my cabin. My shirt has been wet most of the afternoon.  Stay tuned!