Another Masterpiece in God’s Creation

Dear Parents & Friends,

It is a beautiful night here at camp and we’re inching into our final week of C, C-2.  It’s been a fun weekend and sorry for not blogging last night.  It was a busy day with “Special Day” all day long and then we had our Vespers service after dinner and staff rec after that.  Staff rec happens when we have a group staying over on a Sunday and we get all our staff together for some social time and food enjoyment together.  It’s a late night that starts after campfire and ends around 12 midnight.  I just didn’t have it in me to write at that hour.

I do want to talk about yesterday and today because we’ve been busy.  I mentioned “Special Day” and it was truly that.  There were events and challenges all over camp and beyond including tubing, hikes and runs/walk.  We built the Titanic on the lake and all through the day it was sinking and finally near the end of the day it finally went under.  Thankfully there were no campers aboard but we did have a few staff that went down with the ship.  I love camp because you can create so much with imagination.  Campers could travel to any station they wanted with staff.  Other activities at the lake were the Slip and Slide into the lake and launching rubber duckies with two giant sling shots.  Many staff were taken out after being hit by these yellow flying ducks.  There was Chillin at the Pool for the ones who wanted to swim in a controlled environment and play a little water polo and hit the slides.  The Green had the Bungee Challenge where you had to run on a slippery tarp with a bungee cord attached to you and try and grab a ball.  Level one was fairly easy but 2 and 3 were difficult.  If you wanted an off camp experience you could tube down the mighty French Broad and it was a fun trip.  We also had Super Knock Out on the B-ball court as well as the Shooting Gallery at the Thunderball Court.  How good are you with a water gun.  There was the Mysterious Trail inside the Lodge and for those who really wanted to stretch their legs, The Tri-Trail Challenge had campers going to the Wall Property, then to The Rock and finally to Connestee Falls and back to camp.  You could run/walk these three trails.  Those who completed it got recognized at dinner last night.  It’s quite a feat, no pun intended.  My favorite and I think the campers would agree, was the Jurassic Park theme ride.  Campers were driven about the property in Laundry Carts and of course the electricity was off and the wires were down so Dinosaurs and Giant Chickens roamed camp.  You never knew where or when you would be attacked but it did happen.  Luckily and our transport vehicles manned by the staff led everyone to safety in the end.

Mountainside and Riverside left before the action started yesterday.  They’ve headed in 5 different directions with Riverside going to the AT near Roan Mtn., TN.   MS Bikers went to Dupont State Forest, Climbers headed to Linville Gorge, Pioneers headed up into Pisgah near the top of the range, and Paddlers spent the day on the Green River.

Last night the Vespers theme was God’s Creation which segued into yet another beautiful day here at camp today with a shower just after dinner.  I went to help a couple of cabins get fires going that were cooking out tonight.  The big rain passed us and we were able to get blazing fires going to cook dinner.  Connestee Cove was one of those cabins and they were camped at my favorite spot called Indian Cave which is right next to our creek that runs through the center of camp.  It’s a great site with a feeling that you’re out in the middle of Pisgah but only a few hundred yards from Main Camp.  The rest of our campers who didn’t have a campout tonight had extended twilight play which is everyone’s favorite.  It’s one of my favorite times at camp.

Our bikers are blazing the trails hard this summer and each day they return from their rides tired and fulfilled.  The nice thing about riding our mountain biking trails here at camp is that they are mostly in the shade.  Even on a very hot day it’s quite pleasant to be on a bike.  I can think of no better way to have the wind rush all around you while get out and have fun.  Thomas is the counselor in charge of Main Camp Biking and is running a great program along with Laurel.  We’ve had more campers bike this year than ever and he’s doing a great job with teaching and running the program.  He comes from Elon University and rides on their team there.  When not biking he’s a Engineering Major in school.  Laurel is an old camper and goes to Vandy.

7th Heaven Teamwork

There are always chores at camp and one of those is getting your Laundry back and this group of boys from 7th Heaven used the team format to get the clean clothes back to the cabin.  It was almost like the Tour de France as they took turns leading out and supporting the giant bag.  I also threw in a photo of CC on their campout.  My phone couldn’t quite capture the clearness of it all but you get the idea.

CC enjoying the evening on their campout. Smores Next!!!

Other activities that were interesting today was mask making in the Lodge.  They look so mysterious and you never know how they’ll turn out and look on you until you put them on.  Canoeing, Fishing, the Tension Traverse, Arts and Crafts, Pottery,  and a host of other activities filled our day.  It’s a full day here and everyone sleeps well, including me.  More of the same tomorrow with some trips out of camp.  Stay tuned!