Another Great Day


Dear Family and Friends,

Another great day has passed at Gwynn Valley. Each day brings more fun and excitement with more experiences to have. Today has been no different and we have been busy in many activities, making more new friends, and have had less rain with the sun coming out late this afternoon – Yea! Although we did get some scattered rain showers we were able to carry on with activities as normal. Campers enjoyed their other two discovery choices, so they have now had the opportunity to enjoy all four of their morning activities and will build more skills in these activities tomorrow. They enjoyed signing up for two more hours of activities this afternoon and we all played after dinner! Mountainside has completed their mini-adventures and will learn their adventure selection tomorrow. Riverside is on their first adventure, and are enjoying climbing in Tennessee.

A session always seems to go by so quickly, and yet even with the unpredictability of rain, and the week that seems to fly by, nothing can stop cabins from getting some quality time with each other. Those cabins that were supposed to camp out last night were still able to have their quality time with each other around campfires (under shelters), cooking their food, roasting marshmallows, and rounding out the evening with the joy of camping out on the floor of their cabins.

While it is important for cabins to get together and have quality time, activities always seem to take up the heart of the day. Our afternoon activities had a list of options that numbered in the twenties. From Tye-Dye, to The Mill, to sports, and kayaking on the lake, all areas of camp seemed to buzz with the energy that only our campers can create. The Mill got rainbow trout put into the pond today so now campers are able to fish as well as grind corn, make johnny cakes, and play old fashioned games. Campers were able to pick lettuce at the farm that we will be having tomorrow for salad, and Camping Skills and Nature made smores. Walking around each of these activities, it made me truly appreciate the amount of joy and excitement that campers are able to put into everything they do. And through seeing their smiling faces, I’m wishing I was a child again, able to experience all the joys of camp has to offer as though everything were new and exciting.

Following the wonderful surprise of light sun showers, our amazing kitchen staff seems to read what our campers and staff needed, vegetable soup with turkey melts and grilled cheese for lunch, and warm braised beef roast for dinner with homemade dinner rolls and strawberry shortcake for dessert. What a wonderful way to end the day, with full bellies, the laughter of campers, and in the event of Playhouse, the joy of catching fireflies with your cabin.