Another Busy and Beautiful Day at GV


Here we are at the end of another busy and beautiful day. We had some rain early this morning but it stopped right when it was time to come down to breakfast at 8:30.  Several cabins were again camping out tonight, cooking dinner over an open fire and it’s the perfect night for it.  Every cabin at camp goes on a campout regardless of age.  Our campout shelters are built up off the ground and are closed in on three sides with a shed roof.  All have campfire circles for cooking and hanging out around the campfire and several are close to or on the main creek (Carson Creek) that runs through camp.  It’s such a good experience for these children to camp out with their cabins.  For many of them it will be their first time and possibly first time cooking over a fire.  Meals are simple so please don’t think that they are cutting up vegetables and sautéing them or anything fancy.  It’s usually pan pizza, quesadillas or hot dogs.  Once they get to Mountainside and Riverside meals become a lot more sophisticated.

Mountainside took a break from their minis which is four days of trying out adventure activities and played at camp. They were paddle boarding on the lake, playing on the watermat, doing some arts and crafts and enjoyed twilight play this eveing. Riverside is out on their rock climbing adventue, hopefully enjoy lots of good climbing!

Today was our second day of Open Houses, which is when we have leadership visit cabin groups in their camp homes (the cabins) while cabin counselors take a 30 minute break to refresh themselves or prepare for program. During Open House, the visitors ask campers about camp life, cabin life, and their counselors. This gives campers the opportunity to discuss matters of all kinds with adults who are not directly involved in cabin life. It’s a great way to find out if counselors are doing a good job in the cabin and if the campers are adjusting well.  It also gives us lots of great ideas about how to make Gwynn Valley better. One of my favorite questions to ask is “What is one thing you would never change about Gwynn Valley and one thing you think we could change to make Gwynn Valley better?” Sometimes we hear suggestions such as “Make the pool or lake warmer!” or “Serve dessert every day!”

We ate well today, enjoying pasta primavera with chicken,, broccoli, fruit, and facaccia bread for lunch. Tonight’s dinner was pork loin roast with gravy, rice and broccli casserole, salad, and homemade rolls.  Our kitchen team continues to serve creative, crowd pleasing meals 3 times each day. For breakfast this morning we had blueberry muffins that melted in your mouth and everyone loved it.  That along with eggs, sausage, apple juice and a variety of cereals and yogurt hit the spot.

We had campers in trees this morning and making their way to the top of our two hemlocks near the office.  Grant started our tree climbing program our first year here because camp didn’t own climbing gear and we hadn’t developed the “Rock”.  He used his own gear that first year and we’ve climbed those trees ever since that time and purchased a lot more gear.  It’s a different kind of climbing but is the same for teaching tying into the harness, belaying and learning all the commands. There is an incredible view once you climb 50 feet up into the hemlock. Creativity was thriving today as campers learned to marble silk scares, throw pottery on the wheel, and weave on the looms. This afternoon some learned how to felt and made felted mushrooms.

Tomorrow is another day of opportunity, and after a full day like we’ve had, that camp bunk feels so good and I would say that most will sleep till  the bell tomorrow morning.