An Amazing Costa Rica, Argentina, and Mexico Day!


Hola Familias y amigos, 

Today was international day at camp and we were fortunate enough to learn about Costa Rica, Argentina, and Mexico! We started the day learning about Costa Rica and sharing a traditional Costa Rican. One of our counselors this year is from Costa Rica, and several of our American staff spent the year working Costa Rica. It was wonderful to hear stories of their time spent there, and have them share some Costa Rican culture here at camp. 

After breakfast, Main Camp participated in sign-ups, several of our Main Campers participated in off camp trips that left before or right after breakfast. These campers went whitewater kayaking on the Green River and biking in DuPont State Forest. 

Main Camp enjoyed a busy morning while Mountainside participated in sign-ups of their own. In the afternoon, Mountainside completed several community service projects, including trail maintenance and gardening around camp. We are so grateful for the improvements they made, and they had a blast doing it. 

For lunch we visited Argentina and had a yummy meal of pollo, befe, y chorizo (chicken, steak, and chorizo). As our meal was served, we had a very special guest visit us; Messi, the world famous Argentinian soccer player, scored a goal right in our dining hall! What an exciting meal. 

After rest hour and a delicious snack of Mexican street corn, Main Camp headed off to their second round of sign-ups for the day. With the afternoon heating up, many campers chose to cool off with a water activity, while our Young Leaders challenged themselves by completing the high ropes course. 

For dinner, we celebrated Mexico, enjoying a delicious mole chicken dish with a refreshing pitcher of horchata on every table. Our Mexican staff even set up a gorgeous Dia de los Muertos altar in the corner of the dining hall, complete with an offrenda (offering) of sweets, flowers, and candles. We were honored to share in this beautiful Mexican tradition. 

The fun didn’t end with dinner. We were treated to a delightful campfire where we explored wildlife in Costa Rica, learned about diversity in Argentina, and witnessed the wrestling match of the century in Mexico. As the festivities wound down, our international staff sang “Remember Me” from the movie Coco. With this soothing lullaby as our background, campers said goodnight and headed off to bed after a day filled with trying new things, learning, and of course, fun!