America Day at Camp!


Hot and sunshine filled; time spent playing in the water; fireworks; BBQ picnics; everything bedecked in red, white, and blue; and connecting with people that you care about. These are a few of the things that spring readily to mind when I reminisce about July 4th celebrations from my own childhood.  Thankfully, these are all things that have abounded here at camp today as well!

This morning, instead of waking up to the sound of the bell, we were woken up to cries of “The British are coming!”  Our stable staff and Anne rode around camp waking up each of the cabins to the infamous refrain of Paul Revere.  As campers came down to the Dining Hall they were able to enjoy all the decorating the staff did the night before.  Streamers, balloons, and ribbons transformed our Dining Hall into an embodiment of the Star-Spangled Banner.  

Our Program Leaders got very festive with their own offerings this afternoon!  We played cornhole with corn at the Mill, celebrated Freedom’s birthday (one of our horses) down at the stables, made red, white, and blue candles in the Bong Tree as well as red, white, and blue kumihimo’s and pom poms in Shady Grove, and our performing arts put together a skit that we’ll get to see at campfire tonight!

After a delicious BBQ picnic, we all went into the Lodge to feast our eyes on a pie and doughnut eating competition as well as a corn shucking contest!  In our doughnut eating competition it was a total rout, with Gabriel eating both of his doughnuts (sans hands!) before anyone could finish half of their own.  Mo was victorious in her own event, scarfing down her pie in less than 20 seconds flat!  We also got to see some of our counselors showcase their corn shucking prowess (both with and without hands).  Our hat has to be tipped to Sarah for her mastery in both forms of handed and unhanded corn shucking!  Our campers closed out the evening with a skit they’d prepared in Performing Arts earlier in the day that was in the format of “America’s Got Talent”.


We finished off our evening with a showstopper: fireworks over the Lake!  After our Evening Program all the campers headed back to their cabins, grabbed their flashlights, changed into their pajamas and once the sun had just barely dipped below the horizon, the show began. Eager and excited cabin groups will pick out some choice real estate just above the waterline of the camp Lake and watch a beautiful display of lights put on by our Maintenance Team.  We couldnt wait to hear the ringing booms of big colorful mortar fireworks, the crackling spray of fountain fireworks, and the ever-present staccato of firecrackers later this evening!

Independence Day (or America Day as we have always called it) is always one of my favorite days at camp.  A lot of the ideals that we celebrate on this day are echoed here at camp.  The freedom to choose what you want to pursue.  A lofty ambition to make sure that all people are equal and accepted. Both the US and GV have become a crossroads wherein ideas and cultures can intermingle and nourish one another!  We hope that all of you at home are having a lovely Fourth of July.  We’ve definitely enjoyed ours here in the Valley!