Welcome to the Gwynn Valley alumni page!

Please be sure to update your contact and history information in our database.  If you’re not sure if we have accurate information, you can register as an alum below.  Also, we have created a new Facebook group for all staff and alumni (Gwynn Valley Staff & Alumni).  All previous staff Facebook groups will be inactive going forward.  This is a private group, so request to join and be sure to complete the questions when prompted.  This is a great place to find and connect with Gwynn Valley alumni!



Save the Date!  The 85th (+2) Reunion will be held August 12 – 14, 2022

Registration will open in February 2022.


In 2010 we celebrated Gwynn Valley’s 75th anniversary with over 400 alumni!  To view all the photos taken at that Reunion, go to Gwynn Valley Camp Reunion 2010

2010 75th Reunion

2000’s Alum

1995 60th Reunion

1990’s Alum

1980’s Alum

1970’s Alum

1960’s Alum

“Every time I return to Gwynn Valley, I find new inspiration to try my best at whatever I do, to appreciate the simple joys in my life, and to remember my sense of adventure.”