After the Summer

By now many of you have started back to school and are into your routine at home. We miss the sounds of your laughter and joy here at camp. Camp is a different place during the seasons when you are not here. It’s a foggy morning here at camp and believe it or not we’ve actually had some rain over the past few days. Those of you that were here during the latter part of the summer remember how hot and dry it was. It’s good to see the grass becoming green again and know that the rivers will rise a little after the rains.

We are not the only ones that miss your presence. All the animals at the farm certainly feel your absence. I went down to the farm on Sat. with Jacob and my two nephews who were visiting to gather some eggs. All the calves who you all helped bottle feed and raise this summer began mooing as soon as we crossed the bridge to the farm. They now have officially been weaned and are all hanging out together able to run free and play in the pasture. No more eggs are being incubated and those end of the summer baby chicks are not so like chicks anymore. There are still a few ears of corn to be pulled and tomatoes are still hanging on the wines but other than that it’s pretty empty down at the farm.

Several staff stayed after camp to clean and put everything away for next summer. Tess, Grant, Doug, Jeff, Shelly, Margarita, Tommy, Anne Marie, Dale, Dean, Hayes, Drew, Gio, Anna, Tatitana, Kirsty, Sheldon, Ollie, Oliver and Frank were all here up to a week and a half. Many thanks to all of them for their hard work in putting camp to sleep for the winter.

Andy, Ryan, Anne and I are all busy getting ready for another year. Dates and rates for 2008 are all up on the web and soon you will be getting information in the mail for the new season. I’ve been reviewing video footage from this summer and hopefully we’ll have a new camp video that will be out in October. We hope to start our Fall promotion in October as well so come out and join us for a look at the new footage and photos from the summer. Speaking of photos, hats off to Alex, camp photographer, for taking just over 22,000 pictures this summer that many of you may still be looking at online. We’ll be going through those and picking out some good ones to use in a variety of ways over the months ahead.

Send us updates on your family at home and let us know what you’re doing. Take care and I hope the “simple joys” of life are present wherever you are.