Adventures in the Rain

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I always say that a rainy day at camp is better than a sunny day anywhere else, and the last few days have proven that to be just the case. A fun-filled Sunday morning allowed our Main Camp campers the chance to enjoy some fun sports themed Special Day activities (in honor of the upcoming Olympics, of course, in which we will be proudly cheering on Team USA). As the afternoon skies opened up and gave the mountains of Western North Carolina a much needed drink of water, we decided to take the opportunity to educate our campers on how to train dragons, so that they are prepared should the occasion ever arise. Technically, our campers gathered in the lodge for a viewing of the movie How to Train Your Dragon, but rest assured that should dragons ever invade your hometown, your campers will be well equipped to handle the chaos. Not only did Gwynn Valley receive a great education in how to deal with large, fire-breathing, winged reptiles, but I had several campers come to me and tell me that over the course of the rainy afternoon they had made significant progress in the books they were reading. Some finished novels they had started at the beginning of their session, and some took the time to begin new ones. It was a nice change of pace after having many hot, hot, hot and active days in a row. Our movie day was followed by a wonderful Sunday Service, complete with a great rendition of “I Want It That Way” by one of our Brookside boys cabins. Hearing our campers sing is truly one of camp’s simple joys, and our cup overflows as we were blessed in that area during Sunday’s Evening Program. We also had cabins singing, among others, “Riptide”, “Our Song”, “Simple Joys”, and “Quickie the Koala” (that’s an original one from Ms. Debbie Debord; if you know, you know).

Then, on Monday morning, our Riversiders left for their paddling adventure, and our Main Campers got to have adventures of their own! Our Camping Skills, Biking, Climbing, and Kayaking activities were all able to go on MCATs (Main Camp Adventure Trips) into local DuPont and Pisgah State Forests and show off the skills they’ve been learning and developing this past session. These trips are such incredible opportunities for campers to head deeper into the magic of nature and really test themselves and their abilities. They will have been practicing for these trips for several days, and to be able to put the technical skills they’ve been learning at camp into use in the “real world” really gives children the opportunity to see just what they’re capable of, all while having a blast and making lifelong memories. Truly, what camp is all about!

As we look to the coming days, we will certainly be sad to see our C1 campers leave, as we will say goodbye to them on Tuesday. As we reflect on the wonderful session we are just finishing, we know that it’s not a goodbye, it’s just a see you later (or a “See you next summer!”) We are grateful to have had these campers join us these past ten days, and these past two days have truly proven that old adage of mine to be true; a rainy day at camp is better than a sunny day anywhere else.