Adventures Home and Some Just Starting!


Dear Campers and Friends, 

For those of you that have campers here from Mountainside, Riverside, Young Leaders and the stayovers for Main Camp, it’s been another beautiful day.  All of Mountainside ended their adventures today and all are back in camp safe and sound after three days of being in the field learning, challenging themselves and sleeping under the stars.  Fortunately, we’ve had great weather so it’s been a great time to be adventuring. 

Riverside will be leaving tomorrow for their canoeing component.  I spent several hours on the lake with them over the last couple of days and they are getting their flat-water transition to whitewater legs.  Robert Dye, our yearly resident canoe guru will be with them for the next four days.  It’s an excellent crew and I enjoyed my short few hours with them. 

As many of you know A Session closed yesterday, so today has been very relaxing for those staying over and those here.  We are all looking forward to hearing about Mountainside’s adventures and inviting new campers into our community tomorrow morning.  Stay tuned!