Adventure Awaits!

Dear Camper Families and Friends,

The weather was absolutely perfect today. Everyone was grateful for the sunshine and slightly cooler temperatures that we experienced. It was still hot enough to swim, but not as warm as it has been for the last few days.

Today marks a definitive half way point in B session; just before lunch we finished up  our last Morning Discoveries! At the start of the session, each camper chooses 4 activities to return to 3 times over the course of the 1st week of camp. This repetition allows campers to get involved in more intricate projects like weaving a table runner or throwing, trimming, and glazing a piece of pottery. This structure also allows for more targeted skill development and a progression of skills over multiple sessions. Though our discoveries are over, we will continue to see the fruits of those classes over the next week. Our musical cast will perform their original work on Tuesday evening. Our adventure activities (Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking and Web of Life / Outdoor Living Skills) will go on off camp trips to the Lower Green and French Broad Rivers, DuPont State Park and Pisgah National Forest. Sign ups this afternoon were abuzz with sessions for those who are interested in participating in next week’s off camp trips. More on those next week as the trips unfold…

Today was also a busy day for Mountainside and Riverside as they prepare for their multi-day off camp trips. Riverside leaves tomorrow for 4 days of backpacking along the Appalachian Trail. As part of their trek they will experience this incredible view and many other wonders of nature.

After sampling all of the trip options (white water canoeing, rock climbing, mountain biking, and pioneering), the Mountainside campers submitted their preference forms yesterday evening. The magical sorting machine (also known as the Mountainside Head Counselor and Logsitics Team) sorted everyone’s preferences last night and adventure placements were announced today at lunch. Everyone was excited to meet their fellow adventurers and with all 1st and 2nd choice placements, they seemed to be a happy bunch!  On Monday morning, these groups will head their separate ways for 3 days and 2 nights of wilderness fun.

This evening we had lots of little evening programs all over camp. Hillside cabins went to the lodge for Mountain Dancing with Debbie followed by a few Tajar Tales to wind down the evening. Brookside met up with Mountainside for our Mountainside Visit. This is an opportunity for Brookside campers to learn about all the myths and mysteries of the Mountainside program. What do your cabins look like? What are mini-adventures? Where is the Moutainside Lodge exactly? What happens if you’re not a very good biker? Who is Proud Mary?  All this and more plus lots of games and songs around the campfire up on the Mountainside Green. It was a fun evening for both the Brooksiders who learned about a new program and the Mountainsiders who stepped into the role of leader and teacher. Riverside was up in the shelter packing for their trip and making GORP for their new few days in the field.

There were many adventures today and many more to come over the following days… but for now the serenaders are making their rounds and the lightning bugs are telling us that it’s time for bed at Gwynn Valley! We can’t wait to see what adventures tomorrow with bring!