A Wonderful Day for the Books


Dear Parents, Families, and Friends,

It’s been another fun filled day at camp. Our campers started the day with their first B day discoveries. For our C campers these activities differed from their first four activities in C1. Offering different activities allows our C2 campers to have a full range of choices, and for our C campers to experience something new or build on their skills from C1. Campers were able to choose from a variety of options like Navy Seals, Farm and Mill, Candle Making, Basket Weaving, forging wands in Blacksmithing, Wheel Throwing in Pottery, and so much more! 

After such an action packed morning lunch was a welcome sight. The kitchen made a delicious baked potato bar with potatoes from our farm, chili, fresh broccoli, and a refreshing fruit salad. At the table I was sitting at many of the campers couldn’t get enough of the chili. It always amazes me just how much food we consume and how little waste there is. One of the many reasons why I love working at Gwynn Valley is how all of our staff are aware of the impact we have on the world around us. Our kitchen makes sure the food we consume comes from local producers and we try and make sure there is little food waste.Speaking of local produce, down at our own Farm this morning campers and staff picked so much corn that after lunch everyone from campers to leadership got to shuck four pieces of corn each! It’s astounding that we harvested and shucked around 800 ears of corn all in the course of one morning. The campers LOVE shucking corn so much that I hear some asking if they can shuck more than the required number for that day. 

During afternoon sign-up activities our campers heard the rumble of thunder that threatened to set off our Thorguard lightning detection system. Luckily the lighting stayed away and our afternoon activities weren’t affected, so camp carried on as normal. We could hear the children on the lake, saw the focus on campers’ faces as they released their arrows from their bows at the archery range, and smelled the smoke that rose from the Mill’s fire pit as they made Johnny Cakes. It’s so much fun hearing about every camper’s experience and how they each took away something different from the same activity. 

Following a delicious dinner of homemade chicken pot pie and after supper activities our C2 cabins gathered in the Lodge for Mountain Dancing lead by our Brookside Headcounselor,  Lauren with accompaniment from our Music Director, Debbie. Meanwhile our C cabins went back into the dining hall for a lively game of BINGO with special guest appearances by some wacky Bingo champions. Whilst Main Camp danced and played BINGO, Mountainsiders enjoyed a picnic on the green, celebrating their Midsummer Night. After the banquet they played games of their own on the Gatehouse Green. It was such a thrill being able to listen to the laughter of children in the lodge as they swung their partners in a circle, and campers yelling out “BINGO!”

One of the many joys of being a camper or working at Gwynn Valley is the knowledge that no matter the expectations that are placed on an individual outside of camp, everyone is free to let their inner child out to play whilst they are here. From singing “Humpty Dumpty” at the top of your lungs before meals, participating in a skit during campfire, to Mountain Dancing in the Lodge everyone is accepted and welcomed into the GV family. No matter where you go in life, how you change, or what you learn, the GV family will always be here.