A Truly Magical Special Day


Dear Parents, Families, and Friends,

Today was Special Day at camp, and the last one of the summer. For Special Day Molly, one of our Main Camp Logisticians, planned a day full of magic with the help and support of our leadership team, and cabin counselors. These days revolve around a theme and today’s was Harry Potter. The dining hall was decorated to resemble the dining hall of Hogwarts, with the floating candles, and stone walls. Campers were excited to see Dumbledore again, after UK day last Tuesday, and were told that for today only the magical world was making an exception by allowing GV campers and staff entry to Hogwarts and knowledge of the magical world. 

Campers started out their magical training this morning by moving with their cabin groups to various tasks around camp. This training involved transporting messages from Harry Potter at the Mill to Ron at The Cabin in the Sky while avoiding Mr. Weasley, cleaning up the mess left by pixies on The Green, swimming with mermaids in the lake, finding the correct pattern of brick tapping to open up Diagon Alley in the lodge, and more! It was so much fun seeing the campers practice magical skills while counselors were able to fulfill some of their childhood dreams of  attending Hogwarts. 

In the afternoon, campers were able to choose from a variety of sign-ups in order to get more practice with their magic. These activities involved broom making, synchronized swimming with mermaids, charm making, divination readings with homemade hemlock tea, defense against the dark arts through archery, and so much more. While the Harry Potter series came out and was finished before these campers generation, it was truly thrilling to see counselors share the story of Harry Potter and passion they felt for the magical world with their campers. 

Main camp weren’t the only ones to participate in Special Day as our Mountainsiders did their own Harry Potter Special Day. They celebrated by having some of the same activities like wand making, dueling each other with pool noodles and frisbees, quidditch, and designing their own house flags. They were also able to jump into the Lake during rest hour and cool off. We love getting to see our Mountainsiders relax with chill time when their mini-adventures are done and before they go off on training days. Our Riversiders also got some training in for their canoeing adventure. Today they went canoeing down The Green River with Kevin, Grant, and Robert Dye, our specialist canoeing instructor. This practice is so important as it allows the campers to get a feel for how the river behaves, with the rapids and obstacles that lie just below the surface of the water, which they don’t get when they practice on the lake at camp. 

Wrapping up the day, all campers and staff got dressed in their whites for Vespers. Vespers is a time when everyone at camp, Hillside, Brookside, Mountainside, Riverside, counselors, and program leaders get together in the lodge to reflect on the day, share something they feel fits into the theme for service, and wind down after a long day. Today’s theme was Spreading the Friendship. It was lovely listening to songs, poems, and music that our campers and staff shared. Thank you for allowing those of us at camp to experience the wonders, joy, and magic your children bring into our lives. Till Tomorrow!