A Special Day inspired by Dr. Seuss!

Dear Parents & Friends,

Every Sunday at camp, when it’s not an opening day, is “Special Day” and today was truly  special!  The theme today was Dr. Seuss. Campers moved around camp participating in different activity stations with their cabin groups. Each station was inspired by a different book and brought to life by our counselors. There was a ‘wet loop’ and a ‘dry loop’ that took up a morning or afternoon activity block. The ‘wet loop’ included water activities at the pool and the lake. The ‘dry loop’ had cabins moving through 5 stations around camp. Activities and games were inspired by Oh the Places You’ll Go, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Horton Hears a Who, The Lorax, The Sneetches, Hop on Pop, and many others.  Our Young Leaders took on a big role with Special Day as they planned and implemented their own station on the ‘dry loop’. They created an obstacle course based on “Oh the Places You’ll Go!” which campers loved!! The whimsical and imaginative spirit of Dr. Suess was well represented throughout the day.

Our Older Programs all had busy days as well. Mountainside and Riverside both left camp for their 4 day adventures. Riverside has already spent 8 days paddling and climbing and will spend their final 4 days in the field backpacking on the Foothills Trail. Mountainside is split into 4 different groups and these campers have been working hard to prepare for their overnight trip that will last 4 days as well. Climbers are headed to Linville Gorge, with a day in Rumbling Bald to get them started. Bikers will spend the whole time in Dupont, with other 100 miles of incredible trails just outside their tent flap! Canoers went to the Tuckaseegee today (it was a low release) and will spend the next 3 days paddling rivers across WNC. The Mountainside backpackers are in Pisgah, spending much of their time on the Art Loeb Trail. We look forward to hearing about their adventures when they return to camp on Wednesday!

Despite some threatening clouds in the distance, the weather today was perfect. It was cloudy at times, but the rain storms never quite materialized at camp. It was hot enough to swim, but not too hot to be playing hard outside all day! Special Day is always a very full day for campers, and Vespers is a wonderful way to wind down after a long, hot day of playing. The theme tonight at Vespers was “God’s Community.” Campers and staff shared songs, poems, and readings that centered on this theme and of course we all enjoyed Debbie’s beautiful music. It was an very welcome early night for our campers. Hopefully a good night’s sleep will leave them energize for another exciting week of discoveries, activities, and trips out of camp!