A Session – Opening Day

Parents & Friends,

What a great opening day here at Gwynn Valley. Parents and campers arrived this morning after long drives and eager smiles. Everyone settled into their cabins and then off to lunch for a wonderful buffet of good food from our Kitchen. After lunch it was off to the Lodge for a bit of music, sign-ups and back to the cabin for a very short time. Activities began soon after, as well as swim assessments. We call them swim assessments instead of swim tests because test reminds us of school and we’re on SUMMER VACATION AND AT GWYNN VALLEY!!! All activities were running strong and everyone jumped right in with both feet. Natalie, our camp photographer is taking lots of pics today for all you parents who are feeling a little camp-sick. We’ve created our own site this year with photos and working through some kinks so bear with us. Give us a few days to work these kinks out. One parent shared with me this morning they’ve told their son that for every picture he gets in they’ll pay him a dollar. Let’s see, that could turn out to be an expensive proposition. Maybe put that money in a fund for next year’s tuition. Mountainside starts their mini-adventures tomorrow as they take on skills from Pioneering, Climbing, Mountain-Biking, and Paddling. Riverside starts their Climbing adventure on Sunday. They were out on the Gatehouse Green this afternoon working on some initiatives and group bonding. They’ll spend time on the lake with me tomorrow to prepare them for the second week which is paddling.

Waterfront was splashing about with our little ones in the sit-on-tops and lots of swimming and zip lining at the lake. I did not get a chance to spend time with horses or outdoor web of life but I did hear that the “Websters” captured some wild Appalachian lobsters (crawdads) in the creek. Outdoor Living Skills is pursuing a camping skills theme this session so I can’t wait to see what they are up to. Children were trying their hand at Tree Climbing as well as Arborist Climbing. Both are exciting and connect directly to our rock climbing program.

Campfire in Main Camp tonight was cabin skits which are always fun times 10. Children can be so comical on stage as well as their counselors. We’ve got some great little actors with lots of talent that abounds when they get under the lights. Michael, the Head Counselor for Hillside and “K”, Head Counselor for Brookside will be directing the campfire tonight. Skits usually are without props but with a lot of enthusiasm. Ah, the simple joys of Gwynn Valley. Our human powered environment is well on its way to another great summer here at camp. Our 76th summer to be exact and we’re so proud to have you be a part of it. Hope you had safe travels back home. Stay tuned!