A Perfect Opening of D Session!


Dear Families and Friends,

Today was our opening day of D and what an incredible day it was! Skies were blue and the cool mountain air was perfect for greeting campers and parents alike. As campers eagerly learned the names of their counselors and fellow cabinmates, there was a joyous feeling all around. Opening days are always wonderful times for old friends to reconnect and new friendships to bloom. Campers arriving at the same time will often cheer as they learn the person next to them will be in the same cabin for the session! 

After a morning of making new friends and settling into their cabins, campers were ready for activities! The day warmed up and was perfect weather for a swim! Luckily, every camper gets a chance to enjoy the Lake or Pool on opening day for a quick swim assessment. After cooling off, campers were able to enjoy other activities as a cabin group such as horseback riding, visiting the Farm, cooking at the Mill, shooting a bow and arrow in Archery, and many more! These are just a taste of the sign-ups that will be offered for campers during the session! 

As Main Camp spent the afternoon playing and trying out different activities, our Young Leaders got to know each other by playing different team building games lead by their counselors and head counselor! These campers will spend the next three weeks growing as leaders with leadership trainings as well as participating in the joys camp has to offer! 
Our Riversiders immediately went back to school… Belay school that is, for their climbing adventure which they will leave on tomorrow! These campers will spend the next four days climbing in Tennessee and bonding as a group. It’s always fun seeing the campers come back from their first trip, ready for more adventures and full of laughter!

Mountainside got to try out some Mini-Adventure challenges today which introduced them to the 5 adventures they will get to choose from later in the session. These activities include canoeing, climbing, earth skills, biking, and backpacking and each is filled with different challenges and adventure! Campers will go on four different mini-adventures, and will ultimately choose one for their four-day adventure later in the session! 

As camp gathered for dinner, cabins groups enjoyed a bit more time together by eating as a group for dinner. We always enjoy a delicious opening night meal of pasta, homemade Bolognese sauce, broccoli, and salad (both of which are grown from the farm)! As a special treat and welcome to camp, cabins enjoy a giant cookie decorated with their cabin name! It’s the perfect welcome home treat and gives everyone a yummy boost before playing for a bit longer during After Supper Activities! 

After After Supper Activities, cabins gathered at the Lodge and joined all of camp with an opening campfire. Campers learned the states and countries that everyone had traveled from, the years they had been there, and what they did today! The evening ended with a Tajar Tale, which is a story about our mischievous and mystical creature the Tajar who lives here at camp. He’s a kind and silly fellow and has lots of stories of his folly that we often share, we even celebrate his birthday later in the session at the Tajar ball! As campfire came to a close, campers were quietly dismissed back to their cabins as they listened to the song “Sheep May Safely Graze” which has been played every night for the last 41 years of camp by our pianist Debbie. 

Today has truly been an incredible day, filled with friendship, laughter, and the simple joys of childhood. As I sit here watching the sunset over the Blue Ridge Mountains, I am so grateful for the time we get to spend at camp and for you all who share your campers with us each year. We hope you all enjoy time to recharge over the next few weeks and take time to cherish the simple joys of your own days.