A GV Kind of Day!

Dear Parents & Friends,

It was a splendid first day here at camp today.  Perfect weather, great campers, good food and a great start to C/C-1 session.  Normally, Mountainside and Riverside are hard to capture since they are so mobile.  We found both programs at the Climbing Wall today, one starting their mini-adventure and Riverside getting ready for their climbing adventure starting tomorrow morning and heading to Linville Gorge for 4 days of climbing.  Mountainside was also captured on the lake today warming up for their first moving water trip which happened this afternoon.  More on that later.  You’ll also see some cabin photos of Mountainside and as a whole group.  More mini-adventures tomorrow and over the next several days.

The lake was a cool place today in more ways than one.  Lots of swimming and swim lessons at the pool and lake were the order of the day.  With the warm weather and sunny skies, no one really complains about the cool water in the lake and pool.  The kayakers were out on the lake today working on their strokes and getting ready for a river trip.  The youngsters with rescue tubes were practicing their life saving skills with one another in our junior life saving activity.  You can never start training those water front staff too young.  Zip line got some action as a favorite activity.

You might notice a picture of a young man from 7th Heaven named Davis who found a perfect arrowhead today just outside his cabin.  This is a very neat find but not unusual here at camp.  This is the second arrowhead found this summer on the site.  Some points found through the years have been dated back as far as 3000 years.  Davis was just walking back to his cabin and wasn’t really looking for anything and picked up this “rock” to just toss it.  He took a second glance and low and behold there it was in his hand and just off the edge of the trail.  No telling how long it had just been sitting there.  Campers and staff have walked that same path thousands of times and he just happened to spy this rock he wanted to pick up and toss.  Speaking of more “finds”, the 4 leaf Clover Club was out after supper tonight looking for them on the Green.  One evening last summer they found forty four  4 leaf clovers.  Amazing!

I took a short river trip with Mountainside today and it’s fun to watch the transition from lake to moving water.  The learning curve was pretty steep but they did well and we had time to learn our river swimming technique at the end of the day.  Hopefully some of these folks will choose paddling for their adventure.  Tonight we finished up cabin skits and tomorrow we celebrate the 4th of July American style.  The staff are practicing some songs in the Gate House Living Room as I write.  Should be a fun day complete with visits from some famous people.  Stay tuned!