A Great Opening Day! C Session 2019


Dear Families and Friends, 

What a wonderful day we had at camp! Today was our opening of C and C1, MS2, RS2, and YL2 sessions! With an influx of campers and parents, camp felt full and everyone’s excitement was palpable. There were cheers and hugs as campers eagerly learned what cabin they will be in and who their cabinmates will be for the next 10 day or 3-week sessions. 

Our Main Campers spent the morning getting to know one another in the cabin and settling into their homes for the session. When the afternoon rolled along, cabin groups were able to participate in an assigned activity. Some groups were able to tie-dye shirts (something every cabin will get to do throughout the session), some groups went on a horseback ride, while other cabins were able to shoot bows and arrows at archery! Our Main Campers will all have a chance to try out all of the activities offered throughout the session during their discoveries and afternoon sign-ups! 

It was a warm afternoon, and luckily every cabin was able to enjoy a swim in the pool or lake for their swim assessments! There’s nothing quite like jumping into a cool body of water on a hot summer day in the mountains. After our Riversiders had their swim assessments, they went straight to belay school, where they learned proper belay and climbing techniques for their upcoming climbing adventure. These amazing campers will leave tomorrow morning for a four-day climbing trip in Tennessee. We’re excited about their adventures and already missing them at camp! 

On Mountainside, the campers joined in a scavenger hunt all over camp to find their mini-adventure preference forms! Over the next few days, the mountainside campers will get to participate in training days where they will get a taste of four out of the five adventures offered (climbing, biking, paddling, hiking, and earth skills). After the campers try out each mini, they will get to choose which full adventure they will spend three days on!

With so much happening on camp, and such perfect weather to enjoy it in, it’s been a fantastic opening day! We are so grateful you all have shared your children with us this session and are looking forward to the days and weeks to come! We hope you all had safe travels home and are enjoying your own adventures over the next few weeks.