A Great Day to be a Camper!


Dear Families and Friends, 

Every day is a great day at Gwynn Valley, and today was no exception. We started the morning with a delicious breakfast of grits, sausage crumble, and fruit. It was such a delicious meal that we all applauded the kitchen afterward showing just how much we had all enjoyed it. After a delicious breakfast that left everyone happy, cabin groups went back to prepare for their morning activities. Main Camp finished up discoveries, finalizing any projects they had made over the week and practicing the advanced skills they had learned in activities like horseback riding, Jr. Lifeguarding, and Weaving. Our Farm and Mill Discoveries had the best of both worlds getting to play with baby animals for one hour, and making popcorn the second! 

Mountainside spent the morning in their own sign-ups, tie-dying, playing games on the Mountainside green, and doing some calmer activities like yoga and stretching! Riverside spent the first half of their day training for their paddling adventure and chilling on the Lake. They will leave for their next adventure on Monday and will be training for most of the day on Sunday. These campers sure stay busy and are already eager for the next big trip! With so much excitement heading their way, they were sure to enjoy a calm afternoon at pottery, crafting and creating. 

In the afternoon both Main Camp and Mountainside participated in sign-ups. Some Mountainsiders went to the farm to visit the baby animals and pick veggies, while others made crafts in Shady Grove. Other activities offered included a game of sharks and dolphins in kayaking, making name tags in blacksmithing, and churning butter from scratch at the Mill! 

It was a delight to include Mountainside in our Main Camp sign-ups, and they returned the favor by inviting Brookside over for a Mountainside visit during Campfire. This is a chance for Brooksiders to see Mountainside, hear first-hand experiences from current Mountainsiders, and imagine themselves participating in Mountainside! 

Our Hillsiders danced the night away at Mountain Dancing! This is something we do every session for our campers and is always a highlight. With music played by Debbie and Grant calling the songs, it’s a guaranteed night of laughter and fun. 

As the evening came to an end, campers left their activities with high spirits. They will enjoy a sleep in tomorrow for Special Day, something that all of camp is excited about! Thank you all for sharing your campers with us, they make every day special.