A Great Day for Any Activity!

Dear Parents and Friends,

Everyone was back in camp today and we’re getting ready for the last week of C and C-2.  Discovery activities are going well and we had a pleasant day weather wise until dinner.  It didn’t seem like a Friday but no day really seems like itself at camp.  Everyday feels like Saturday.  I’m sure there’s a song somewhere there.  I spent some time today going to a lot activities from horses to gold rush.  Gold rush is one of those capture the flag games where everyone is trying to take your possessions back to their territory and you’re trying to do the same.  It’s a lot of running, with a good bit of strategy thrown in and fun.  Horses on the other hand took some time today to learn how to tack up and put on all the accoutrements of riding.  This is something that comes easy for some people.  I’m always afraid that the horse will step on my foot.  Hang me off a rock, send me off a waterfall in a boat, or make me ride a bike up an impossible hill – just don’t make me saddle up a horse.  Female campers love horses and I think the horses know this because it seems they are always in good spirits when they are riding them.  I don’t have that feeling when I’m on a horse.  My wife and youngest daughter are the equestrians in the family and I’m always in awe how they can woman handle such a big animal.

Weaving in Shady Grove is going great these day as that activity gets underway.  I was there during the second hour today as the weavers got their first taste of using the looms.  It’s a fairly complicated process with foot pedals and many things to do with your hands.  Hands and feet movement also describe our intrepid mountain bikers at camp.  Despite the wet trails our bikers are biking and getting ready for a couple of out of camp trips next week.  Cass and company will take them up to Dupont State Forest where they will ride their choice of over a 100 miles of trails to choose from.  It’s a spectacular place to ride and has most any level and even a few rock outcropping type trails similar to Moab.  The climbers were on the tower today learning all about body positioning and how to save your arms and use your legs more when climbing.  They are also learning to belay and will probably go out next week on a trip with our climbing staff.

Our crops have been growing slowly at the farm with all the rain, but one group of new arrivals have grown a lot.  They are the baby piglets.  How could you not grow and be nurtured under the watchful eye of our farm staff and all the children wanting to hold you.  They get a lot of attention.  My theory is that all the GV animals are happy during camp based on the amount of attention they receive.  I will say and most of you know this, that we do raise our own beef here at camp.  Keep in mind how that calf is petted each and every day for the first 10 to 14 weeks of its life.  So at the end of camp after they are weaned and go out to pasture,  I think they live a very happy contented existence.   We don’t advertise this to the children but if they ask we do tell them the truth.  Cows usually live here with us until the ripe old age of about 2 years.

Getting your laundry off to have it done takes teamwork and that’s exactly what  Sunrise did today.  Carrying around 50 to 60 lbs of laundry is a chore to get it halfway across camp.  The boys did a good job and we’re glad they want some clean clothes.  We do our best to keep everyone sanitized, but some of us do turn our shirts inside out and wear them again.  That’s what happens when everything is at the laundry and you’ve run out.

Web of Life was collecting again today and found quite a few cicada shells that had been left on trees.  You might notice those in the pics from today.  They start to come out about this time of the summer and start their chirping noise during the day at various intervals.  The katydids  will soon begin at night and they can be deafening because we’re so surrounded with forest.  OLS was working on a bridge today and all but finished it.  They have really been lashing everything they could find over the past couple of weeks.  It’s a good skill to have even if you’re not a boy scout.  I was hoping for a full day without rain today but we had a shower during dinner tonight.  Stay tuned for more activity updates and we’re hoping you’re seeing your camper in our pictures.