A Golden Day of Summer


Today was truly a golden day of summer! We have enjoyed cooler temperatures, a lovely breeze today and lots of blue sky and gorgeous sunshine. With Riverside still in camp preparing for their next trip, Mountainside doing sign-up activities today, and Young Leaders back from their rafting trip, our entire camp community was on site today enjoying the multitude of golden opportunities to take advantage of all that camp has to offer! The golden day continued as we ended our day with a camp wide game called ‘Pandemonium’   which all of Main Camp played except for 4 cabins that are camping out tonight. The game was a surprise for campers and is a silly four way relay race that ended in a GV tie; campers had lots of fun running around camp with their cabin groups. The Young Leaders ran the game and did a great job developing their leadership skills amd using their creativity and enthusiasm. After the game our campers headed back to their cabin to settle down, get ready for bed, and have their friendship circle. This is a time when the cabin sits together and talks about their day, maybe sharing their rose, bud, and thorn or possibly talking about friendship and kindness. Sometimes the younger campers like to share what super power they would choose if given the opportunity. After friendship circle, our program leaders serenade the cabins with a quiet song letting them know that it is time for lights out, one of my favorite tradtions here at GV.

Riverside leaves tomorrow morning for their backpacking trip and Mountainside packs for their adventures which begin on Monday. Being out in the woods hiking, on the rock face, mountain biking, or canoeing a river helps young people develop competence, comfort in the natural world, and confidence, not to mention strong friendships that can last a lifetime. The weather is looking beautiful for the next four days which we all love, especially those who will be out in the field (and the camp directors)!

In Main Camp, we continued our Discovery activities this morning with lots of skills being learned.  Today was a second day of Arborist climbing here at camp.  It’s one of my favorite activities where campers don’t actually climb on the tree but ascend ropes connected to the tree.  It’s the same method that a tree arborist uses to carefully and safely, without harm to the tree, get up in them to make sure they are healthy.  It’s a fairly strenuous workout but is like nothing else we do here.  You don’t have climbing holds or a wall or tree limbs to hold on to.  You do have a belayer and your own strength and determination to get up there and into the tree.  Our two arborist trees are right next to Cabins Playhouse and Mountain View.

It’s hard to believe how quickly this week has passed! The campers I ate with today at lunch were remarking on it and as I said, the days at camp are long but they go by so quickly. We have had a golden summer so far and have really enjoyed getting to know our B session camps and Mountainsiders who arrived on Wed. Of course, our Riversiders and Young Leaders are starting their third week of camp tomorrow. It’s amazing how close they become and the friendships that they develop. Camp is a great place to grow and learn, to stretch one’s self, to gain confidence, independence, but most of all a great place to make connections to friends, staff, and the natural world.