A Fantastic Summer Solstice!


Dear Families and Friends,

Another wonderful day has passed here at Camp Gwynn Valley! Today is the Summer Solstice and we celebrated our extra long day of sun with play, exploration, and fun! We started the day with a delicious breakfast that included homemade scones, scrambled eggs, and fruit! There’s nothing quite like waking up to a warm scone on a cool morning at camp.

After a delicious breakfast, our Main Camp campers got to work, building on the skills they started learning two days ago in their B day Discoveries. Some campers enjoyed climbing on the rock wall, creating elaborate tie-dyes in crafts, or going on trail rides with the horses (to name a few). There all always amazing stories to be heard at lunch after a big morning of adventures that were had and challenges that were overcome. Our Mountainsiders shared many exciting stories at lunch of their third mini-adventures. Because the campers get to test out four of the five adventures, it’s always exciting hearing them come back and share which minis they loved or felt challenged by. One Mountainsider at my table shared how much fun she had at the Earth Skills mini-adventure and that after she had tried it out it was tied with climbing as her number one choice! It’s wonderful hearing our campers excited to try new things and living in the growth mindset that camp fosters. We didn’t just enjoy good conversation at lunch! We also got have chicken gyros with homemade tzatziki sauce, salad picked from the farm, rice, ratatouille, and feta cheese! A delicious meal and a great chance to talk about foods from other cultures, different languages, and our favorite GV meals!

After lunch, we had our very first day of shucking corn for the summer! Every year around B session, our corn crops start to come in and the campers who are signed up at the farm get to pick about 500 ears of corn each day! These ears are brought to main camp where every camper and staff help to shuck three ears which we will enjoy the following day or that evening. It’s such a great experience seeing every camper participate in the preparation of camp’s food even in this small way.

After an exciting morning and lunch, we enjoyed sign-ups and a wonderful rest hour. Here at camp we appreciate our campers and staff so much. The days are busy, but we always try to show that appreciation the best way we can. Today we celebrated our program leaders and gave them a chance to swim in the lake and go off of the zip-line during rest hour. These incredible program leaders spend their days teaching in their areas of expertise and rarely get a chance to enjoy the water on a hot day. It’s always wonderful to make their day in any way we can!

We continued the day with a wonderful afternoon! Main Camp enjoyed sign-ups and Mountainside had a blast on their final mini-adventures. While these groups continued on their days, our Riversiders were hard at work creating their community project. These campers decided to help create a path to one of our campout shelters called Broccoli Patch. They worked all day to clear and establish a path that will be used by all campers for years to come. It’s such a great opportunity for our campers to make a lasting impression on camp.

Our Young Leaders were also learning and growing today! They spend the whole day in their CPR and First Aid certification course! After working tirelessly getting their certifications, they enjoyed an evening hike to The Rock (one of the properties on camp) to enjoy the sunset.

Dinner this evening was a wonderful experience, and not only for the pork loin, homemade rolls, vegetable medley, roasted potatoes, and cabbage! We love to celebrate birthdays at GV and it’s no exception for our staff. This evening we were able to celebrate the birthday of one of our head chefs! As we introduced her to the dining hall, explaining how she helps to feed every campers and staff member at camp, the dining hall erupted into applause! Camp provides opportunities for every individual to feel appreciated, and it’s so beautiful to see such perfect examples of it!

For our evening program, all of camp paraded down the gravel path to our gatehouse green where we celebrated the Summer Solstice and the natural beauties we have at camp. As the sun was setting, and a fire was roaring in the fire pit, there was a perfect feeling of peace in the air. Camp allows so many moments to appreciate the beauty around us, and today was truly no exception.