A Day With NO Rain! Yesss!!

Dear Parents & Friends,

If you are wondering why no blog last night it was because I was on a day off.  We’ve finally had a day of reprieve from the rain.  It was a sunny and not too hot day as we eased back into life without moisture.  You reach a point when everything is wet and you get used to it but it takes a while.  Despite the wet days behind us, there were willing souls who were at the lake all morning doing GV rescue, Canoeing, Aqua Games, and Kayaking.  The Canoer’s were learning strokes during their session and at the end of that session they tried what we call the “Groucho Marx”.  I learned this move over 30 years ago at a camp and have taught it to staff and campers since then.  Visualize this:  you’re in water with the canoe behind you and you’re holding onto the gunwales or rails of the boat like you’re getting ready to do a chin-up.  You stick your head under the water and your forehead touches the bottom of the canoe and as you do this you raise your legs straight up out of the water, tuck your knees in and you roll backwards into the canoe.   Maybe Photo Mary got a picture of them performing this but it’s really pretty neat.  You have to blow air out through your nose or you get water in.  I know it sounds crazy.  Parents, don’t try this at home without a trained camper by your side.

With the soccer field drying out today there was a great session of “football” going on with training and a pickup game.  The fish were biting at the Mill and those who weren’t fishing, were Milling making yellow corn grits and cornmeal.  Speaking of food I was sent a recent article in the NY Times about camp food.  Click on this link and it will take you to the article.  http://nyti.ms/M9KT1n   It’s an interesting piece about how food is changing in camps.  I feel as though we’ve been surfing that wave for long time.  Our “cuisine” is not exactly as exotic as some but our home grown food sure is delicious and we haven’t reached the point where we’re not serving sloppy joe’s which is one of our favorite meals.  Keep in mind those sloppy joes are coming from free range beef which live quite happily here at GV cared for by campers before they come back to us in a different form.  Let’s take tonight’s dinner:  Maple syrup and apple caramelized pork chops, cole slaw, corn on the cob, roasted potatoes (all from the garden), carrot cake (with carrots from the garden) and of course water and low fat milk.  That’s a pretty darn good meal and our table laid it to waste.  Food has always been at the top for us and we’re always trying to make it better.   We have been adjusting our meals for years to adapt to camper’s and staff diets and yes, allergies and other medical requirements have provided some challenges but we’ve just kept it simple and done what we do best by growing as much as possible and serving food that children will eat.  It’s fresh, whole and prepared in a slow way with no deep fryers or other such cookers.  We’re certainly not perfect but we certainly have a good thing going.  Just thought you might like to read about this trend in our industry.

Mountainside and Riverside leave for adventures early in the morning and will be out until Wed. afternoon.  I can’t believe we’re entering our last week of the session and our sixth week of the summer.

We’re all having a great session and tonight at campfire we had Talent Night.  There were all kinds of acts and I do mean all kind of acts from dances to songs to skits to even bicycle tricks.  If you can imagine it, it probably happened on stage tonight at camp.  What a great venue for a camper or campers to get up and perform for a group with total acceptance.  It’s a real confidence booster and you can just see when they come off the stage and everyone’s cheering that it’s so good and healthy.  Some acts were funny when they weren’t supposed to be and some were serious and more professional.  It’s good for us to support one another as we leave our comfort zones to venture onto the stage to perform for over 200 people.  I’m not sure I could have done that at that age. One of our values is acceptance and tonight’s show was certainly a reminder of that important aspect of camp.  We have some great campers here and we thank you for sharing them with us as we explore our strengths and talents in one another.  Stay tuned!