A Day on the River Makes for a Perfect Day!

Dear Parents & Friends,

What a great day on the river with Mountainside.  I left camp this morning at about 8:15 and arrived at the Tuckassegee around 10:00 to meet them.  They were camped at Mills River Campground which is a National Forest campground between here and Asheville.  The Tuck River put-in as we call it is in Dillsboro, NC.

Of course, the best part of the day was being out with Mountainside and on the river.  They did a great job and will be heading back to the Tuck tomorrow to further sharpen their skills.  The group practiced a lot of peel outs, S turns, ferrying and hitting eddies.  They are well prepared and should do a great job tomorrow.  This group has been particularly hard working and will reap the benefits of this tomorrow.  The Tuck was running high today but well within the realm of their ability.  It’s a great teaching river and has many rapids and places for testing everyone’s skills that they’ve learned over the last two days on the Green River.  Railroad Rapid, the first rapid, usually has some bald Eagle’s perched in the trees just above the old trestle and the group saw one today.  Below that is Tuck Shot, Double Drop, Moon Shot, Surprise Eddy, and Johnny Come Lately.  The campers took advantage of JUMP rock on river left about 2/3 of the way down today.  It’s about a 12-15 foot rock that is easily climbed and then drops straight into the water.  There’s plenty of depth and it’s fun to jump in two’s and three’s. Everyone went at least 3-4 times today.

All adventures get back tomorrow including Riverside.  We will be ready to welcome them back into camp and hear all the wonderful stories they’ll have about their adventures.  At camp, children get what they need to develop physically. They experience fresh air, exercise, a balance between routine and unstructured time, and all the good food their bodies need. Not that s’mores don’t have a place at the campfire, but a good camp experience is also about helping children find healthy lifestyles. Counselors that care enough to look after a child’s physical health, bringing out the camper’s best by encouraging manageable amounts of challenge, are also conveying to the camper a belief in the child’s physical capacity to cope with the challenges before them. That’s important for children’s long-term physical development. We were certainly doing that today.  Small doses of running challenging rapids and trying new moves in the boats were all a part of our day on the river.  You could tell at the end of the day this group was more confident and more skilled than even the day before.  Hopefully, we can share some of the videos we shot today.

After dinner, was, of course, our regular after supper activities.  Mountain Dancing followed in the Lodge for Brookside and Young Leaders also came along to shake a leg.  It was a lively group and very enthusiastic.  Debbie provided the music and Kevin and I called the dances.  It’s a fun way to spend an evening and also good exercise.  Your children may come home tired after our week of constant movement and stimulation.  Camp is many moving parts like a machine but more gentle in so many ways.  The energy levels ebb and flow and there’s always laughter, excitement, curiosity, focus, serious thought, imagination, and people conversing and discussing.   Camp is really hard to describe unless you’ve experienced it.  And it’s different every day.  Stayed tuned as we share our full and lively days the rest of the week.