Water, Smiles and Paddlers

paddler 4

Water has been falling from the sky since mid September and it feels like it’s a tropical rain forest here at Gwynn Valley in western North Carolina.  The temps will fall tomorrow night and we’ll have some high 30’s in the evening over the weekend.  As those temps fall over the next few days let’s look at those smiling sunny faces from the summer while we were out paddling and wishing for more water.  GV is a great place for a young camper to enter the realm of whitewater and moving water.  We have boats of all shapes, sizes  and designs and those that accommodate 2 paddlers or 1 depending on your choice of driving an SUV or a sports car.  The sports car is a kayak.  These shots were taken on the paddler 5

French Broad over near Wilson Rd. and that section of river is a great place for learning all the basic moves that beginner paddlers should know once they’ve made the leap from the lake strokes to the river.  From there it’s on to the Green River and beyond.  Make Gwynn Valley a destination if you’re looking for the best camp for boys and girls in western NC.   Coming to a town near you, check out our travel schedule and come see our new camp video.  Bring a friend!  Stay tuned!