Paddling & Biking Video



Parents & Friends,

This is video taken two days ago on the French Broad and also at Dupont State Park.  Our Main Camp campers were involved in trips that day and we had a group of canoers and kayakers go out that day as well as a group of mountain bikers that afternoon.  Everyone had a great time and hope you enjoy the short clip.   Sorry about the lack of camera focus.  It’s hard to teach and coach while filming.

We had 8 canoers and 5 kayakers go with us on Wed. to the French Broad several miles away in the community Pisgah Forest.  Everyone did great.  This is a good beginner section of the river but it starts off with a bang which can intimidate people.  Several of kayakers did go over but self rescued and got back on that horse.  None of the canoers turned over but came close.  We stayed at the first rapid working on ferrying, which is moving the boat from one side of the river to the other while facing upstream.  It’s all about boat angle and keeping that angle correct in relationship with the current.  The faster the current the less the angle you need.  The slower the current the more angle you need to cross from one side to the other.  We also taught river swimming even though some of them got experience before we reached that point of the trip.  In a safety talk you always discuss swim position if you either wet exit a kayak or turn over in your canoe.  This section has a great place with a big sandy beach to teach river swimming.  It also the confluence of the Davidson River and the French Broad.  The Davidson is fast, clean and cold flowing right out of Pisgah National Forest while the FB meanders throughout the valley in slow fashion on its way to Asheville.  We spent several hours working on ferrying, some peelouts and eddy turns at various point downstream.

In the evening I went on a Main Camp mountain biking trip to Dupont State Forest and left just after dinner with the group.  This area also happens to be where the Mountainside Bikers are.  We saw their campsite, gave them a yell, and kept riding.  One of my favorite trails in Dupont is Ridge Line which forms a loop with Jim Branch trail.  You ride up Jim Branch and at the half way point you come out at a place called Gion Farm.  There is a great little trials area there with some obstacles to ride like a see-saw, several skinnies (logs flat on top to ride on) and other fun things for kids and big kids and this is a short clip in the video.  The ride down Ridge Line is like a 2 mile long roller coaster with lots of dips, turns, and banks on a single track trail.  It’s a blast and the campers loved it.  We made it back to camp just at dark, grabbed a couple of left over cookies from the kitchen and sent them off to bed.  We did miss the Aussie theme campfire tonight but riding Ridge Line in the cool of evening was too good to pass up.