Sunshine Brings Out the Best and We Play All Day!

Dear Parents and Friends,

We have had a beautiful and action-packed day here in the Valley! The weather was sunny and warm all through the day with just a few clouds and a super sunset tonight.  I just got back from the Lodge where Mountainside took advantage of a night of Mountain Dancing.  Kevin, Debbie and I called the dances and they had a great time.  It was the first time we’ve danced with MS all summer and to make this a tradition.  Many of them have been on MS before so at the end we ended quietly like we do in Main Camp every night, with Debbie playing “Sheep May Safely Graze”.  Some hadn’t had that touch with camp in a while and I think it brought back some memories.  Looking back is not as easy when you’re young because you always want to be older.  Perspective comes with maturity and just for a while tonight everyone shared in that same perspective.

After breakfast, we transitioned right to our A-Day Discoveries on Main Camp. For some campers, this means a day of wrapping up projects and polishing skills in half of the discoveries they have chosen for the session. For some program areas, the lesson was totally wrapped up today. For example, weavers took their finished projects off the loom and tied them off, potters were working on glazing their wares and most craft projects were coming to fruition.  B day will come tomorrow for the two other activities that campers have on alternate days.  Those who are part of the Fine Arts production will share their hard work with the rest of camp next week. For those who are in outdoor adventure Discoveries such as biking, climbing, whitewater kayaks, and camping skills and nature, there will be off camp trip opportunities all next week.

Those archers today were shooting at all kinds of targets like balls and hoops.  If you’re wondering why their bows are pointing toward the ground it’s because the targets were close to the ground.  Not close to the ground the arborist climbers made their way up the ropes toward some of the large limbs of our two tulip poplar trees in front of the Gatehouse.  It’s a great activity because it’s a good workout and one has to be patient as you inchworm your way higher off the ground.  Unlike traditional climbing, there’s no immovable wall in front of you…..just you, your rope and gear, and thin air.

The Potter’s were working on their mugs and containers that they learned to “throw on the wheel.  I’ve never had that talent and am envious of those who can sit down and learn this skill.  Working with clay seems so therapeutic and I love going by the Pot Shop to see all the different creations that come from its artists.

All three meals were exquisite today and I especially liked the potato bar with chili and all the fixings to go with it.  Of course, those potatoes were picked on the Farm or I should say dug on the Farm.  The Farm is the gift that keeps on giving and every meal contains something fresh from our bounty of farm food here at camp.  It’s that time of the season when tomatoes, peppers, onions, and cucumbers are combined to a make a wonderful vinegarette salad that is fresh, fresh, fresh! Our extension of the farm, the Mill, was making their own versions of a waterwheel and trying all kinds of methods to make the wheel turn.  I think used dried corn cobs worked the best.

Mountainside spent some time at the Farm last night and you might be seeing those photos today.  I think they have as much fun at our farm as the Main Camp campers.  You’re never too old to hang out with Farmer Dale and his farm hands.

It’s been another great day here at GV.  As Mountainside danced tonight, Main Camp played a giant game of BINGO with lots of counselor props and shenanigans. We have fun as we play and we learn as we play.  We are learning in so many different ways. Stated in a recent Patagonia clothing catalog, “The world often expects children to put aside childish ways in favor of preparing for the future.”  Here at camp, we know that play is an important element in preparing children for the future.  We as adults should play more often as well.  Hope you got some play in today.  Tomorrow is another day of opportunity.  Stay tuned!