Piglets, Pizza and Pillowcases!

Dear Parents and Friends,

What a great day here and I can’t believe it’s gone so fast this week.  Isn’t that how it works.  When you’re having fun things tend to speed up and go too fast.  We held sign-ups this morning and every single activity you could think of was up and running.  We also had several trips out today including climbers that went to climb the classic Sundial on the Nose area of Looking Glass Rock.  The Nose area has several great climbs and our climbers took no time in getting to the base of the rock this morning and having the climb to themselves.  One other privately guided group was there and our campers had their rock manners turned on.  The private guides thanked us for our rock site management and decorum while there.  Climbing is not a boisterous sport and many groups yell and talk loudly while waiting to climb.  Our climbing staff engage our campers and actually teach them how to belay with a counselor backup so up to three people are involved in each climb including the climber.  It’s a focused, involved and fun situation.

Our bikers were out today as well and traveled to Pisgah National Forest to ride some single track there.   Mountain biking is such a natural for us here at camp.  We have over 3 miles of single track trails for the campers to train on.  More miles of trails are being established in our area each year.

The biggest news of the day was of course news from the farm.  You guessed it, 12 little piglets were born last night just after midnight.  And it just so happens that our camp doctor and two nurses were there with Farmer Jacob to assist and witness the birth.  I think they helped with tying off some of umbilical cords and making sure everyone was happy when they arrived at their new home.  Your camper will may want to take you to the farm tomorrow so be prepared.

The afternoon was filled with packing and of course pillowcase day where everyone goes to the pool and takes their pillowcase along.  You get it wet and fill it with air – voilà, you have a floatation device.  It was the perfect day to be at the pool and everyone enjoyed their last swim.  Along with pillowcase day is our traditional last meal of pizza and of course a delicious dessert of brownies.  All the pizza was hand made as well as the crust.  Some campers had treats early today at the mill, where they made Johnny Cakes in the morning.  Eating is a highlight here at every meal.  We spend time together at the table and don’t just eat and run.  There’s always time for good conversation and finding out what people are doing as the day progresses and as camper return from their many adventures.

Tonight during the meal we got a nice shower that cooled things down for after supper activities. That time of the day is always wonderful and a nice time to wind down before campfire.  Friendship campfire included Anne and me presenting blankets and plaques to our 4 & 5 year campers.  There were a lot of them and we also recognized our campers who had been there for up to 10 years.  Several staff even go beyond the 10 year mark because they started as campers.  Our Fine Arts activity put on Peter Pan tonight with a camp twist.  It was great and you will no doubt hear a song from tonight’s production at tomorrow’s campfire.  We concluded with a video which is up on line or you can go to the link listed here.  We also showed some our pictures taken throughout the session which added to the culmination of two wonderful weeks.

B Session Highlight Reel

As you arrive tomorrow friendship circles will be in each cabin at 10:30 unless you’re on Mountainside and Riverside and they will conduct their campfire for parents at the same time.  Our final campfire for Main Camp will be at 11:00 in the Lodge and your welcome to stay and have some delicious GV farm food at 12:00.  See you tomorrow!