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Breezes, Clear Skies and Full Lives!

Dear Parents and Friends, What a great day here with beautiful and breezy weather today.   When you’re having a great time, things tend to speed up and go too fast.  We held sign-ups this morning and after lunch so campers took this opportunity to do things they loved to do and even try a few new […]


Special Day at Pirate Cove! ARRRRGGGGG!

Dear Parents & Friends, What a brilliant day here at camp.  The weather was perfect but not all appeared as it should.  Several days ago we were visited by a crusty band of Pirates.  We managed to chase them from our land and they returned this morning in greater numbers demanding we find all the […]


Soaking up sunshine, playing hard, and eating well!

Dear Gwynn Valley Friends and Families, I’m not sure what the weather was like where you’re reading, but today at camp it was gorgeous. The blue skies and sunshine were just right for all the fun things we love to do outside! The waterfront was very popular at sign ups this afternoon with a tubing […]


Sunshine Brings Out the Best and We Play All Day!

Dear Parents and Friends, We have had a beautiful and action-packed day here in the Valley! The weather was sunny and warm all through the day with just a few clouds and a super sunset tonight.  I just got back from the Lodge where Mountainside took advantage of a night of Mountain Dancing.  Kevin, Debbie […]


Twilight Play Is the End to a Perfect Day!

Dear Parents and Friends, What a great day here at camp.  The weather couldn’t have been better with lots of sun casting itself in the low 80’s and a nice cool evening.  Tonight was Twilight Play which is an extended after supper games and program time.  There were all kinds of activities open from,  dessert […]


Better Weather Ahead But Still The Fun Quotient Exists!

Dear Parents and Friends, Our day was cool this morning with a rain shower just before rest hour today.  The evening turned out nice and we participated in an all-camp game for after supper activities.  Despite our weather, the fun quotient continues.   Our game tonight was called the Color Game where each team (cabin) had […]


Australia Day at Camp!

Dear Parents & Friends, G’day Mates and today was Australia here at good ole GV.  The whole day was mixed with good food, visits by the Man From Snowy River, The Wiggles and a wonderful evening campfire that included many campers dancing, singing and being in skits.  Our international staff did a great job giving […]


A Day of Discovery and More!

Dear Parents & Friends, It’s been a great first day of program here at camp and we’ve had good weather the day through.  It’s been cool in the morning with some clouds and the sun poked its head out later in the afternoon.  Discoveries started this morning and there were lots to choose from.  Check […]


Opening Day of Session D!

Dear Parents & Friends, I hope you’ve all safely arrived either home or to your destination.  Opening day was great with cool nice weather and campers all seem to be happy as clams.  After parents departed everyone partook of a buffet lunch and then went to Discovery sign-ups just after to choose their morning skill-based […]


Session C and C-2 Closing!

Dear Parents & Friends of C and C-2 Campers, Thank you for a great ending to our C and C-2 Session today. We’ve had a wonderful time with our 3 week and 10-day campers.  Soon you will receive a link to an evaluation that we are hoping you will participate in.   We appreciate you taking […]


Tajar Ball and Adventurers Return!

Dear Parents & Friends, Tajar Ball just ended and the sun is down on a wonderful GV day.  In a matter of minutes over half of the camp will be drifting off to dreamland and reliving moments and minutes from our day, week and session.  Camp is a lot like a good dream in that […]


International Day Celebration for Spain, Columbia, Mexico and the Netherlands!

Dear Parents & Friends, We celebrated International Day here at camp.  Four countries were represented: Mexico, Spain, Columbia, and the Netherlands.  Food today has been out of this world with foods from all four countries.  Breakfast started us off with huevos chorizo, (scrambled eggs), Tamales wrapped in corn husks, Plantanos Fritos (Fried Plantains), and hot […]


Twilight Play is a Blast!

Dear Parents and Friends, It is a beautiful sunset here tonight and as you can guess that made for a great day.  We were supposed to get thunderstorms most of the day today but it sprinkled one time and was sunny and partly cloudy all afternoon.  This afternoon several cabins went “off program” on creek […]


World Cup and More!

Dear Parents & Friends, Vive la France and congratulations to the French nation for winning the World Cup today.  If you are a soccer fan, and we have many of them here, you surely were aware that the finals of World Cup were happening.  I don’t ever recall so many parents asking if we would […]


The perfect day at Gwynn Valley!

Dear Gwynn Valley Parents and Friends, Today was another perfect camp day! Campers continued to build skills and learn more deeply about their Discovery activities this morning on our 2nd A-day. As I walked around camp, I saw progress on many crafts in process like pottery vessels and needlepoint projects. Kevin has been working on […]


Horton hatches an egg (among other joys!)

Dear Camper Families and Friends, Today was one of those perfect camp days where the sun was shining all day long and every where you looked campers were having fun and learning alongside their friends! Mountainside and Riverside are both in camp for a few days, so our dining hall feels full and our community […]


First Day of Discovery!

Dear Parents & Friends, Welcome to another day of GV news and what’s happening at camp.  Certainly way too much to write about.  Our day started off pretty normal like most camp days; beautiful weather, cool temps, and everyone ready to start their Discovery activities this morning.  I elected to spend some time with our […]


Opening Day of C-2 and Off to a Great Start!

Dear Parents & Friends, We welcomed our new campers for C-2 today and got off to a rousing start to begin that session. For those of you that dropped off your children today, I hope that you’re safe and sound and at your destination.  Those campers who are here for three weeks had signups this […]


C Session, World Cup, and Ice Cream ( All Good Things )!

Dear Parents and Friends, Our wonderful C-1 campers have departed and we are down to those terrific C Session children.  It’s a special day for them because our numbers are reduced and there are fewer folks here.  Afternoon programs went very well with everyone involved with sign-ups and choosing their favorites for the afternoon.  The […]


C-1 Closing and C Marches On!

Dear Parents & Friends of C-1 Campers, Thank you for a great ending to our C-1 Session today. We’ve had a wonderful time for the 10-day session.  Soon you will receive a link to an evaluation that we are hoping you will participate in.   We appreciate you taking the time to help us keep Gwynn […]


Last Full Day of C-1 was Spectacular!

Dear Parents & Friends, It was a glorious day here at GV and as I write the silhouette of the mountains is making it hard to keep my eyes on the screen to write this post.  Several cabins are out enjoying this same view and some enjoying their last night in Session C-1.  We just […]


“Spacial” Day Was a Beautiful Day Here at GV!

Dear Parents & Friends, What a day we’ve had…. hot and beautiful weather with a breeze all day long and big puffy clouds filling our exceptional view of the mountains.  Much different than yesterday which was very cool (73 degrees high) and spitting rain most of the day.  Everything blew right away today and it […]


Wind chimes, rainbows, unicorns and lots of fun!

Dear Parents & Friends, I heard a brand new sound a camp today and it was beautiful! I wish I had a recording to share with you. At the end of morning discoveries, ringing out over the sounds of chatter and footsteps and laughter and the turning Mill Wheel, the musical clinking of delicate metal […]


July 4th and More!

Dear Parents & Friends, Hope you’ve had a wonderful 4th of July!  We certainly have and it’s been a day for the ages.  All systems were going today and our regular schedule was just jettisoned into the next galaxy of GV.  While there were the usual activities all day, we were treated to great moments in […]


World Peace in Our Hands Here at Camp!

Dear Parents & Friends, Another great day at Gwynn Valley and a bit hot but a good day to stay wet.  No rain was in our plans and that was a bonus.  Two Mountainside cabins went to the Farm after dinner tonight and three MS cabins were there last night.  Several cabins are camping out […]


No Rain Today and We’re Off and Rolling!

Dear Parents and Friends, Our first full day of C, C-1 Session was excellent.  We had cool temps today and not a sign of rain.  Tonight is cool and there’s a slight breeze blowing through the valley and hills surrounding the camp.  We’ve had so much rain until today you can hear our creeks and […]


C Session – Opening Day!

Dear Parents and Friends, Thanks for a wonderful opening day and hope that drop-off went well for you and family.  It’s nice to see so many familiar faces and returning campers from previous years.  It’s been a pretty smooth day as we dodged a few rain showers here and there.  As many of you know […]