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B Session Closing – Playing Outside and Growing Inside!

Dear Parents & Friends, Thank you for a great ending to our B Session today. We’ve had a wonderful time for the two week session.  Soon you will receive a link to an evaluation that we are hoping you will participate in.   We appreciate you taking the time to help us keep Gwynn Valley an […]


Trips Out and Ending on a High Note!

Dear Parents and Friends, We just finished Friendship campfire and during dinner it rained for the first time all week.  The rain felt good and we needed it to restore the moisture to our mountain coves.  It was such a good day and campers broke into song in the dining room tonight during dinner as […]


Tajar’s Birthday and Time to Fun It Up!

Dear Parents and Friends, Another cool morning gave way to a wonderful day again at camp.  It was our last full day of programming and it started out with a bang.  The Tajar was full of folly last night and left much evidence of his mischief as we arrived to breakfast.  There were kayaks in […]


So Much To Do, So Many Adventures and So Much Fun!

Dear Parents and Friends, It was another very wonderful day here at camp with another cool evening.  From sweatshirt to sweatshirt the morning and evening dictated warmer clothing.  Campers will use their sleeping bags as comforters again tonight and it will be hard to pry them from their warm beds in the morning.  Sleep will […]


One Day in a Most Excellent Week!

Dear Parents & Friends, Campfire is over and it’s been a truly cool mountain day.  Our morning temps before breakfast were in the low 50’s and at my house it was 52.  Most everyone came to breakfast in sweatshirts and it was sweatshirts on till about 10:30.  We’re looking at another cool night.  Good for […]


Special Day is Truly Special!

Dear Parents and Friends, It was Special Day at GV and it was just that.  We got a little extra sleep in this morning so breakfast was pushed back to 9:00 which meant everyone got an extra 30 minutes before breakfast.   Every little bit helps because camp is so busy.  Breakfast was hot off the […]


Saturday at GV and More to Come!

Dear Parents and Friends, We just wound down from Mountain Dancing in the Lodge and had 6 cabins join us for the hoe down.  Dances included Hokey Pokey, Going to Kentucky, The Bluebird Dance, and of course the Russian Folk dance called Shasha. Everyone had a great time and Debbie was magnificent on the 88’s.  […]


Gold Rush at Gwynn Valley!

Dear Parents and Friends, Today was truly a golden day of summer! After the recent rain, we enjoyed every moment of gorgeous sunshine that we were lucky to receive at Gwynn Valley today. Aside from a few sprinkles this evening, we have had sunshine all day long. With Riverside still in camp preparing for their next trip […]


That Australian Current Swept Through Camp – Dude!

Dear Parents and Friends, I’m sure that many of you have been following the weather and the tropical depression southeast of us as it makes its way toward the mountains.  Believe it or not, we haven’t had that much rain.  We’re scheduled to get some thunder storms later this evening and by now most of […]


Happy Summer Solstice (Even though we didn’t see the sun)!

Dear Parents and Friends, It’s been another great day at camp and happy summer Solstice.  It is the longest day of the year and we just finished our Solstice campfire where campers traveled to 4 different stations to learn and participate in this fun and ancient evening.   Backing up to the morning we had some […]


Nary a Raindrop Today!

Dear Parents and Friends, It was a great day a camp today with nary a raindrop in sight.  The temperatures stayed very cool today and even at the farm it was quite a nice day.  With little shade there it can get hot.  I was down there this afternoon as children were pulling carrots out […]


A Few Showers and a Great Day!

Dear Parents and Friends,   It was a cool start to our day today and one that makes us all appreciate living life outdoors.  There’s no air conditioning at camp and the only electronics are in the office and the staff living room.  It makes life much simpler.  I left our Lodge tonight after an […]


Session B Opening Day!

Dear Parents and Friends, Opening Day for B Session was the best.  Thank you dropping off many returning campers as well as new campers to Gwynn Valley.  We know everyone will have a great time over the next couple of weeks.   After a good lunch we presented activity skits for our morning “Discovery” programs to […]


A Session Closing! Have a Great Rest of the Summer!

Dear Parents & Friends, Thank you for a great ending to our A Session today. We’ve had a wonderful time with your children and will carry lots of good memories from those children that were here for the one week session.  Soon you will receive a link to an evaluation that we are hoping you […]


Last Full Day of A and a Great Session!

Dear Parents and Friends, It’s been a full day at camp and unfortunately the last full day Session A.  We just finished our evening campfire program which is always called Friendship Campfire on the last night of camp.  It’s been a super session and we celebrated by showing many of the pictures that you all […]


The Tajar’s Birthday!

Today happens to be a very special day at Gwynn Valley. It’s the Tajar’s birthday! No one knows for sure how old the Tajar is, but he has been around Gwynn Valley for a long, long time. For those of you who haven’t heard about him yet… The Tajar is part tiger, part jaguar, and […]


A Little Sun, A Little Rain!

Dear Parents and Friends, We had a beautiful morning here at camp and the afternoon was filled with some showers.  Rain is fine at camp but we did have a little thunder going on.  With that rain came some bigger thunder and I’m sure your children will tell you about our Thorguard system here.  It’s […]


Sun, Shade & Water = Fun!

Another great day here at camp started a little cloudy but the sun broke through early afternoon.  Even when it’s hot outside we seem to have a great deal of shade to cancel out the heat.  I would say about 90% of our trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding are shaded.  It’s a great […]


Day Two – Discovery and More!

Dear Parents and Friends, Another great day with beautiful sunny skies today at GV!  We started our Discovery activities and there was so much to offer including: Mountain Biking, Climbing, Whitewater Kayaks, Camping Skills, Fire Building, Outdoor Cooking, Shelters, Weaving, Candle Making, Gourds, Kumihimo, Pottery, Farm, Mill, Appalachian Tall Tales, Appalachian Music and Dance, Horses, […]


Opening Day “A Session”!

Dear Parents and Friends, We hope that you’ve either had a safe journey home or at another destination of your choice and relaxing on this Sat. night.  What a great opening day we’ve had.  We just finished our campfire for the evening with some Tajar Tales and just getting to know one another a little […]


Campers: Looking Forward to Your Arrival!

Our first day of camp is just a few days away and boy are we getting excited to welcome you to Gwynn Valley for another terrific summer (our 82nd year).  If you are a new camper family we are excited to have you join our camp family.  If you are a returning camper family welcome […]