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Opening Day C, C-1! Welcome All!

Dear Parents & Friends, It’s a cool night here after a beautiful day and some clouds rolling in just before dinner.   We didn’t get a drop of rain but the temperature has gone down at least 10 degrees.  Many thanks for dropping off your children as we head right into the middle of our summer […]


Closing Day B Session!

Dear Parents & Friends, By now many of you winging your way toward home and perhaps already there.  What a nice group of children from session B.  Thank you for sharing your children with us this past 13 days.  Even 13 days goes much too quickly.  It was a beautiful morning here and a perfect […]


Last Full Day of B and A Great One It Was!

Dear Parents and Friends, As you all know we’re winding down from Session B.  It was a sunny day all day with our only rain coming about 6-7 this morning.  Mountainside and Riverside got to sleep in this morning.  Speaking of adventures, we had a lot of Main camp campers going out of camp today […]


Tajar Ball and MS and RS Return!

Dear Parents and Friends, The Tajar was in all his glory today as we awoke to major Tajar Folly.  Cars were in wild places, cups were hanging from crazy objects, boats and inner tubes were scattered on the Green.  He must have been up all night dancing in the moonlight and making mischief.  Today’s activities […]


International Day-South Africa and Brazil

Dear Parents & Friends, Today was our second International Day here at camp this summer.  We celebrated the countries of Brazil and South Africa.  We had a Brazilian lunch today and a South African dinner, both of which were delicious.  We have staff from both countries and as always tonight’s campfire was centered around those […]


Mountainside is Off and Main Camp Flourishes at the Garden!

Dear Parents and Friends, Dear Parents and Friends, A day without rain has been really nice.  We got just a sprinkle this morning but all was good the rest of the day.  It’s good to dry out and it was nice and warm here today.  We had sign-ups this morning and also after lunch.  The […]


Great Day – Weather and Program!

Dear Parents & Friends, If you didn’t catch my blog last night it was because Mr. and Mrs. Camp Director had a night off.  Tonight is a bit cooler and that means good sleeping weather up here.  You can’t beat the weather we’re having these last few days.  It’s been just brilliant recenlty with warm […]


Buckle that Helmet!

Dear Parents and Friends, Maybe not a topic that you want to read about but, I was thinking as I was walking around camp today that a good many of our activities require helmets.  I feel this is a good thing and allows us to perform these activities in a safe way and is an […]


Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie, Oi, Oi, Oi !!!

Good Day Mate!  Today was Australian Day at camp and we had a great day learning about the folks that live down under.  Of course no Australian breakfast is complete without a little Vegemite on toast (it puts a rose on your cheeks).  For those that wanted the full experience there was also spaghetti –oo’s […]


Lots of Sun and a Little Rain!

Dear Parents and Friends, It’s been a most pleasant day here at camp.  We dodged some scattered showers and the sun was in and out all day long.  Everyone had a productive day and the waterfront was a very busy place starting early in the morning, right up until dinner.  Campers zipped, swam, learned new […]


Opening Day B Session!

Dear Parents and Friends, Opening Day for B Session was the best.  Beautiful weather, great kids and a smooth transition to the valley.  Hope you all had a safe trip home.  As I write I’m sure most everyone is snuggled down in their camp beds after a very full day filled with the anticipation of […]


Closing Day A! Great Way to Start Our Summer!

Dear Parents & Friends, What a nice way to start our 78th summer of camping here at Gwynn Valley.  Thank you for sharing your children with us this past 8 days.  We’ve had a wonderful session and it was evident as we held our closing for Session A this morning.  It’s been a beautiful day […]


A Great Day Had By All!

Dear Parents and Friends, It’s been a full day at camp and unfortunately the last full day of Session A.  We just finished our evening campfire program which is always called Friendship Campfire on the last night of camp.  It’s been a great session and we celebrated that by showing many of the pictures that […]


Bright, Beautiful and You Couldn’t Ask For More!

Dear Parents & Friends, A sunny day here at camp that was bright and beautiful which made everyone’s day.  By 10:30 the temps began to rise and so did the activity level.  We had a wonderful breakfast with French Toast and all the trimmings.  Tonight’s dinner was baked Ziti with fresh broccoli and cauliflower from […]


Weather FIip Flop

Dear Parents and Friends, Today was a total flip flop of yesterday.  We awoke to rain this morning and lots of it.  My rain gage at the house registered 2 ¼ inches of rain overnight but by the end of lunch we had beautiful sunny skies and it’s a cool and clear evening here.  The […]


Some Sun and PM Rain…!

Dear Parents and Friends, It was a brilliant morning and the sun slowly gave way to a few showers this afternoon.  No thunder meant that all activities went on as planned.  Activities took place this morning and afternoon with children riding horses, arrows being shot, kayaking on the lake, weaving, pottery, dance, basketry, and many […]


“See the Sun Shining Through the Window…..”

Dear Parents & Friends, Our title for today comes from a song we sing at camp called “It’s a Beautiful Day”.  It was indeed a beautiful day.  I’ve just returned from my morning rounds and watching many activities at play.  Our day started with pancakes, cereal, bacon and fruit.  After breakfast everyone learned what their […]


Photos for Parents!!

Dear Parents and Friends, We’re having some technical difficulty getting our pictures to publish on the website.  Please bear with us and hopefully we can get this corrected in the next day or so.  When we do get things straightened out, all pictures will be there.  We’ve been taking quite a few photos since your […]


2013 Opening Day – Session A

Dear Parents and Friends, Thank you for a great opening day of our 2013 season.  Even though we had a few showers, the rain did not dampen spirits at camp.  I hope all of you have arrived safely at home or your next destination.  Campers arrived throughout the morning and everyone had a buffet lunch […]