Thanks for coming to camp campers and thank you parents, for sharing your children this summer.  We had a great summer here at camp and are looking forward to 2011 with great anticipation.  Applications are starting to roll in and don’t wait too late to get yours in before your session fills.  As the first leaves just start to show a bit of fall and the hot summer temps start to cool, we’re off and running getting ready for another fabulous year at Gwynn Valley Camp.  Boys and girls had a wonderful time this summer experiencing all the activities and perks of living the “simple joys of childhood” here at camp.  Just after the summer ended some of you were in attendance just two weeks ago when we celebrated our 75th year reunion here at camp.  Over 400 alumni, staff and friends came to celebrate the many years camp has been a beacon of light for children and the staff who mentor them.  Good food, fellowship and an array of typical Gwynn Valley activities helped to keep everyone thoroughly satisfied throughout the weekend.  Even though we received torrents of rain on Sat., activities went on and those who chose to escape the wet, relished in the chance to chat and share old stories of camp days.  We had folks from New Zealand, Australia, Holland, England, and Brazil who traveled abroad just to be a part of the celebration.  The festivities started on Sat. with a bike ride to benefit our Gwynn Valley Scholarship Fund.  Riders could choose from 25, 50 or 75 miles.  Most of the group held out for the under 50 mileage but a few hard cores rode the entire 75 miles to commemorate the 75 years.  No evening would be complete without a campfire on Sound of Music Hill where Craig Bannerman, Marion Boatwright, and Frank McConnell (staff alums) entertained us with music.  “RB” told a couple of Tajar Tales and Heather Gordon kept us organized for a great evening.

Saturday we ran activities all day long throughout camp plus a lot of singing in the Lodge led by Debbie at the 88’s.  That evening we held a square dance in the Lodge called by our own Jess Kauffman.  We had to erect a tent to seat another “dining room” on the b-ball court to accommodate everyone for meals.  It was a great Sat. which led into a great Sunday.  Sunday service that day saw many talents come forward and it was just like camp as we all showed our approval in the uplifting of waving hands.  After lunch everyone departed sharing emails, addresses and good bye’s hoping that camp will certainly be around for another 75 years.

Friends and Twins


Over the next weeks we will be getting ready to hit the recruitment trail.  We have a new video for you to see and please bring a friend.  There’s also a new “You Rock” video on the web site that has been updated with footage from this summer.  It’s a short of what camp is all about.  Projects for the next year are under way and we’re all counting the days until the simple joys abound here at Gwynn Valley.