We’re All Home and Tajar Ball

Dear Parents & Friends,

We’re all back together in the Cove.  All of Mountainside and Riverside adventures are back home and everyone had a fabulous time.  You will be seeing photos as they are loaded over the next 24 hours.  Some of the Pioneer photos are already up and ready for viewing.  Mountain Bikers are not far behind and Climbers are in line as well.  Different groups were picked up at different times today and I had the job of picking up the paddlers.  I got to their campsite around 10:15 and they were ready to head back to camp seeking clean clothes and a hot shower.  I twisted a few of arms to convince them into a short hike in Dupont State Forest to visit Triple Falls area.  It’s a short walk in and certainly worth it.  After a brief discussion about safety around waterfalls we descended the rocks next to the Falls and swam at one of the bottom pools.  The water could only be described as refreshing since it was such a hot day.  There was a small slot of rushing water that you could get into and it was like riding a cold lazy river.  Everyone got to soak their sweaty clothes and wash the grime off in a cool mountain stream with a gorgeous view.  It also gives me a chance to talk about the danger of waterfalls in Western NC.  If you and your family ever visit one of our over 250 waterfalls in Transylvania County, be very careful if you’re at the top.  Watch for slippery rocks and try to view all falls from the bottom.

Pioneers Around the Sam’s Knob Double Peak 5900′


As I’m writing Riverside is winding down for the day in the field just outside the Gatehouse.  They are glad to be home as well to celebrate their adventures and also be at the Tajar Ball.  Yes, we awoke this morning to Tajar Folly and it was of course the Tajar’s Birthday today.  I suspect that most of your children know what the Tajar is and if they don’t they will learn before leaving camp.  I will tell you that the Tajar is a most friendly beast and not scary at all.  He couldn’t live at Gwynn Valley if he was.  He just loves children as much as he loves folly.  I was going to get a cup of coffee this morning during breakfast when a camper stopped me on the way and said “I think I saw the Tajar in the Lodge”, which you can see from the Dining Room.  I remarked that it’s quite possible and I would check it out on my way back from coffee retrieval.  After my refill I went out the side door and crept toward the Lodge and just up the stairs and into the building.  That Tajar is a cagey one.  He must have heard me coming and probably did two death defying life leaps up to the rafters of the building, where he can sit still as a mouse and blend right in.  I didn’t catch a glimpse of him but I’ll see him some other time.  He always comes to the Tajar Ball but no one can figure out who he is because we’re all wearing costumes and so is he.  At any rate, the Tajar is a very nice fellow.   The Tajar Ball was complete with a picnic of burgers, dogs, watermelon, chips, slaw, bread pudding, lemonade and ice cream.  There was a Carnival on the Soccer Field with all kinds of events and everyone could try their hand at over a dozen different stations including a short hay ride.  After that we all retired to the Lodge to watch the Fine Arts production which was called “The Janitor’s Closet”.  A transformation did occur there and is was a happy ending for all.  The acting was outstanding and I’m sure members of the cast enjoyed the short run on the GV stage.

There are several trips out of Main Camp tomorrow with various adventure groups.  Kayakers, Climbers and Mountain Bikers will all be out.  It should be a fun day and I will be leading the Kayakers to the Green River.  We’ll keep you posted.  Main Camp activities completed the last Discovery today and we had sign ups this afternoon which we’ll also have tomorrow morning.  Tomorrow afternoon will be pillowcase day and everyone will come to the pool for a swim.  It will be another warm sunny day and good for swimming.  Stay tuned!