A Very Special Day!

Dear Parents and Friends,

Another very special day here at GV.  We just finished our evening campfire program which consisted of dancing and some play party games.  Half the camp is on an overnight tonight and camped out on the near  and far reaches of our GV world.  Campfires are blazing and by this time I’m sure that campers have had a full sufficiency of smores to make for vivid dreams and a good night’s sleep out under the stars.  In our 8 day sessions we hold our campouts so the campers don’t miss a wide variety of evening programs.  On Tues. the other half of camp will be out at our campout shelters.  The shelters are just enough to make our campers rest easy.  They’re built up off the ground and three sided with a roof and all have fire rings and some are conveniently located right next to one of many streams on the property.  Even though some of sites are very close to the middle of camp, one would think you might be in the deepest reaches of Pisgah National Forest.  No road noise, no lights, the Milky Way unaltered and surrounded by new friends and great counselors on an overnight adventure.  That, my friends is what camp is all about.

We held our Vespers service this morning after breakfast and the theme was God’s Gifts.  Many children stated what they thought were God’s gifts and it was a darn good service.  We had songs, stories, piano pieces played by campers and words of wisdom from our head counselors “K” and Michael.

I ran a session of Lacrosse tonight for after supper games and had eight young boys who were very enthusiastic to play.  I’ve played a bit at camp over the past few years and let me tell you that these young guys were skilled and took Mr. Camp Director to the cleaners.  We started off just playing catch and then progressed into keep away.  These guys were making pinpoint passes and catches and at one point I stopped play and asked for a lesson.  GV doesn’t own anything but sticks and balls but the play was great and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with these guys and seeing them work their magic.  Part of our climbing staff was on a trip with Riverside today so I got to fill in for them in tree climbing.  All the campers did an amazing job.  You might notice the video that went up on the news page today.  It’s footage I took yesterday of several activity areas I visited on the first full day of camp.  It’s nice to give you a glimpse through video and capture that aspect of camp.

Camp is so good for children and certainly I’m partial to our program, but truly believe that every child should have a camp experience.  It helps them to recognize that they have responsibility for themselves and those around them.  It teaches them to make choices, which are good for themselves and others, and to take responsibility for the choices they make.  Camp produces the value of respecting oneself and others in spite of differences.  Miss Mary Gwynn started camp on those values and several others that are still evident in today’s Gwynn Valley.  We expect from our staff, high standards of care for your children.  We embrace the values above that both campers and staff buy into and benefit from.  We take learning and make it fun and fulfilling.  That and so much more is in a camp experience.  We have a great staff this summer and know that many of you are sending your children away for the first time.  We thank you for the opportunity to introduce them to camp and hope their experiences are filled with joy and life budding experiences.  Stay tuned!


P.S.  Some of you have called about logging in to view photos and send emails.  We’ve started a new program that was created pretty much in house and still working out some kinks this week.  You were given a sheet on opening day with information about this aspect of our web site.  Please refer to that as I think you will find that the login process is pretty simple.  We’ll make full resolution pictures available toward the middle or end of the week after we work out some bugs with this.  Bear with us and thank you for your patience.